“I was on the hood and fell under the wheels” – before the accident Lida almost defeated cerebral palsy

She cerebral palsy, left sided hemiparesis (partial paralysis of the muscles of the body) since childhood. The parents fought for their daughter’s health as I could. Lida graduated from secondary and music schools, the University, got a job. But 5 years ago at a bus stop Lido was hit by a car. Lida a few years trying to recover, learning how to walk again. Rehabilitation can not stop, but the family have been exhausted.

Lida. Photo: Christina Nedumova

  • “We watched with horror, but believe that it should be done” – after the remission of the most severe bouts of back
  • “Don’t you worry, it is not the same as before” – mother came out of intensive care and began to cry
  • In some gene broke down and now She is sick always
  • Recently Anya pulled out a tracheostomy and was breathing on her own
  • The heart of the daughter at any time may stop

She almost forgot that she has a feature

Kind, positive, bright. She is not angry at those who ruined her life. Her favorite children’s character – Cheburashka. “He’s sweet and big-eared as I do!” – laughs Lida.

She was 29. She is the second child in the family. Born on the 22nd of June at 4 am Moscow time. “June 22 is a sad date, memorable. Sometime in the day the war began. And for us, as it turned out, this is also the beginning of the war… with the disease. Lydia was born with cerebral palsy and left-sided hemiparesis. The fault of doctors during childbirth. Noticed that with my daughter something was wrong when she was a year old. She clutched to her left hand. We’ve taken all that is possible, it is constantly treated, has achieved a lot and almost won,” – says Irina.


Lida graduated from secondary and music school in Nizhny Tagil. Dreamed of living in Ekaterinburg, where she often drove to school in the centre “Special child”. And her dream came true: Lida enrolled at Ural Federal University on economist. However, exactly after a year realized that it was not really her calling. But studies to throw did not. Graduated and found a job. First as an assistant Finance and administration Director at the center for contemporary art, then Secretary in one engineering company. She almost forgot that she has the peculiarity that it not such, as all.

In early may 2013, Lida came to see the competitions. And she unexpectedly offered to become an athlete. “Then I considered myself healthy and was very surprised when I was approached by a coach of Paralympic athletes – Vladimir Veniaminovich Alipov.

– Can you swim? he asked a question.

– As an axe. – I laughed.

After training said,

– Well, I became convinced that I like the axe?

– Worse! – smiled the coach.

And began to teach me to swim and to run” – says Lida.

Lida with the coach and other team members

The sport she fell in love very unexpectedly and couldn’t imagine my life without training. Like she says, became infected. And earlier not interested in this at all, considered themselves to be unsportsmanlike. She wanted to learn to draw like mommy.

“Witnesses said that I was on the hood and fell under the wheels”

Lida. Photo: Christina Nedumova

Lida was never superstitious, never believed in the magic of numbers. But it so happened that on July 13, 2013 in 13 hours she stood at the bus stop of public transport in Nizhny Tagil, in the street Balakhinsky. Arrived from Ekaterinburg to visit family. The house was only brother, so I decided to go see my mom at work.

“When I saw that coming at me the car, I thought, “wow! How is it?!” There was no fear. Only surprise. I do not remember.

Witnesses later told that I was on the hood of the car, then fell under the wheel where I spun… the Car stopped, crashing into a stall. When ran witnesses and the ambulance came, I was conscious. The witness of the accident called mom. Into the phone mom heard me scream in pain,” says Lida.

She received a closed craniocerebral injury, fracture of the upper third of the right tibia with offset, multiple bruises. But for the first time only realized that a broken leg, thought it was for 2 months. Didn’t know that the recovery will be delayed for one year.

Driving shot down the Lida machine was a girl her age. In a drunken state. Without a driver’s license. The car belonged to her brother. In the cabin at the time of the accident was her friend. The verdict of the culprit of road accident – 2 years probation. She has four children.

For all time, while Lida was in traction in hospital and then home in a cast, her down, the girl never come to her. Apologized for her mother and mother-in-law.

At this point in life leads occurred another tragedy. My father worried heart stopped. He was 48.

Job Lida had to leave. She wrote the application on dismissal at own will, as the hospital had all the time to renew, and at work, she found a replacement.

Lida was sure pulled through

“At first I was treated by a trauma surgeon, then a neurologist. Then the doctors said, “everything is fine, Everything is fused, rasskazyvaya”. I was raskazivali a year, but there was no progress. We began to sound the alarm. Thought that the restoration of the stopping plate, which I inserted into the tibia for fixation. Came to the trauma, he said, “Well, let’s remove it.” Removed – it was no use. I can’t go.

Some doctors do not take me. Still, there comes a girl with cerebral palsy and complains that he cannot walk. Had to prove them: “I did not go! I heel walked! I’ve been running!”” says Lida.

Mom took her to counseling, examination, treatment, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg and even in China. First time money trying to find themselves – took out loans, and helped friends. In 2015, for a short time the condition of the leads improved. She was able to walk by myself without a stick. Even took second place in regional competitions in swimming among people with lesions of the musculoskeletal system. 750 m crawl incomplete. Rowed only the right hand.

Lida was sure I got out, recovered, but then her condition deteriorated. She again couldn’t walk – was weak at the knees.

“So what happened… No luck our girl in my life twice. Once the negligence of doctors at birth, other times the fault of irresponsible drunk person behind the wheel. Now her daughter’s treatment is painted on half a year forward, and it is a must go! Without permanent rehabilitation of all the efforts meaningless, regresses and deterioration. We again declared war on the disease, as in Lidyn childhood. We will stand until the end until you win,” says the mother leads.

Biggest dream is to create a family

This summer, after another course of treatment Lida again went. Itself. However, while it can go long – short distances. Found a job you love. “We in the Federation of triathlon, there is a section for preschoolers. Country “Behovely” is called. I was there and the judge at the competition, and the administrator of groups in social networks. The team is great, all help each other! With children I am very interested to work. This area I definitely will not leave. I would like in the future I will learn to draw and ride Bicycle. I haven’t had time to learn the bike before the accident… But my biggest dream is to create a family,” says Lida.

Lida with colleagues from Behovely

In October she will have another course of rehabilitation in Moscow and the holding of the puncture laser termoisolation (laser reconstruction of intervertebral disks). The cost of treatment required Lida 270 thousand rubles. Yourself the money, the family can not be found. Mom Lida, an artist of decorative painting, after a fatal accident was forced to change jobs in order to care for my daughter. Now she is a nurse in the hospital in Nizhny Tagil.

Help Lida can we! Together.

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