If Christians raised blue square sunflower is not the fault of Christ

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If Apple rotten side, I cut out and throw away the rot

I once said something like: “the Church rigorist who recognize only the sermon on the mount, the Kingdom of Christ, and reject the Kingdom of Caesar, politics, and the war as something in itself authoritative, in fact, reject human culture, they are just inhuman Manichaeans”.

To which I replied: “not at All. If Apple rotten side, I cut out and throw away the rot, but the Apple eaten with pleasure and gratitude; not only that – look out the window , which I raised on an Apple orchard! Christians do not reject the culture, it is part of man, the product of God-given creativity and part of the Kingdom of Christ. They reject the culture of sin and filth, calling them by their names, and that’s all”.

We are mortal and limited, we can’t be in the place of God, but sometimes you need to try to be in His place to understand It, and then ourselves. As God is true, for example, to war? And how is the mother to her half-and beloved children start killing each other? It’s a mother’s terrible grief. Our human earthly truth diverse: someone is right, someone there, someone attacked someone protected… But there is God’s truth: war is fratricide, quintaesencia podesti of the world, the quintessence of sin. The truth contained in the gospel.

Christ founded one Church, whose are all the rest

Church opment, all confidently saying something to the world , either explicitly or implicitly assuming that they say it as Christians, as a part of the Church – all we are seeing every day, talking different languages and that, in General, of course: the wine of the spirit poured into different vessels, someone glechik, someone amphora, someone bottle glass. someone plastic.

But still, as different as they may be, all vessels are common sense: to preserve the wine and not to hinder, but to help someone who wants this wine to pour and drink, for the wine – bottle but for drinking. What is the use of the vessel, if you try to pour into a vessel every time it is flipped, and the wine flows to the ground, or if it is impossible to seal so that wine did not run out of steam? Any Butler fair will determine his place on the festive table, and the garbage. Moreover, what is the use of the vessel, except for damage, if the substance of its walls is such that the wine it turns into vinegar, something that has become not wine?

For all the difference the Church witi (so I will briefly repeat that call all Christians, regardless of whoever speaks of them in the village Church from the pulpit, from the pulpit at the meeting of the Synod or in blozhike in social networks) , they are still there (should be) common: the gospel and the spirit of Christ (to feel what spirit this spirit, we re-read the above sermon).

Repeat after other critics of the Church on the grounds that yeah, the gospel that is the gospel, but you will not understand one priest says one thing, another – another, I won’t, but understand the critics can: boiling topical foam, reason and call time Polivanov every day is that the observer, especially third-party or not particularly sophisticated, it may be considered that many of the talking, formally belonging to the same Church organization, in fact, belong to QUITE different Churches, and the observer asks the question: “Christ founded one Church; whose are all the rest? And you yourself where?”.

Opment a second, stunned silent, stronger clung to his lectern, exhale, once again gaining the air and in response, poured to demand a greater flow Bouncing off the teeth of the words which completely confuse the matter.

However, to say that different religious vity and should not be common ground – that is to say that the Church has no common creed; the phrase “It is my belief, but I admit that I’m wrong” – the first step to madness and decay, this once wrote Chesterton.

If we raised a blue square sunflower

In short, when the Church, in the face of a variety of its representatives, asking how to treat the hunger strike Sentsov, arrested Dmitriyeva, violence against those or other prisoners, she must answer : “Mercy”. When she asked how to treat the war in Syria or Donbass, to the sanctification of deadly weapons, and similar things, the Church must point to the commandment “thou shalt Not kill” and those clarifications, which made the Christ. And not because this setup is pushing one or another Church lobby simply because it is the gospel, the confession of what all of us and makes Christians.

I repeat: this does not mean that you have to speak the same words – we are all so different, and words in the world are many, and we must learn the art to use them to neighbors with whom we speak , could we understand. Just everything about what we Christians say, in conversation, in written book, in a blog post , and so forth, must uncover the meaning of the same sermon on the mount and the Beatitudes, grow from them, as the sunflower from the garden.

And if we raised a blue square sunflower and he ceased to fulfill his purpose – appearance to remind people of the sun, and nutsedge seeds to nurture good and evil, sinful and righteous, if seeds blue square monster who got food poisoning – it cant gardener, not a problem of beds, the land which was fat and fertile, and still is.

“But the old humanity and all disappointed, and we have people to tell and something new!” – argue someone. Really? The sermon on the mount was, and still is the new, unprecedented, capable of breaking any pattern news. Don’t believe? Let’s go pereskaze the sermon on the mount the world, and watch as the world’s got the eyes on the forehead climb, because the world never heard or failed to hear.

And if we will support these words of Christ’s own example, his own little, feeble, but with life, each in their own measure, – Oh, realize how unthinkable miracles can then happen!..

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