If my country has no money for development, let it start with the rich, not the poor

“Most of my fellow citizens will be worse, and I prefer to think about them. Exactly because, watching them work, I can put myself in their place. The women from the shop with broken veins in the legs, in place of the conductors of the trains, which themselves lay the coal into the furnace, carry sacks of coal, and when coal is not harvested in the area of wood and paper”. “Pravmir” gathered what they write about raising the retirement age on social networks.

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Why pension reform is the sin of covetousness
The Priest IBAS, Instead (Senchukov)

The Priest IBAS, Instead (Senchukov)

Periodically the question arises: whether you will tell the Church something about the upcoming increase in the retirement age? I – only a small part of the Church, so I will say my personal opinion. But it is the opinion of retired – I last year received a pension at a reduced experience.

What is a pension? Not from the standpoint of financial law, but in life.

And life pension – this is money that the state pays his sick old people to died.

Don’t believe? Let’s do the math.

I get 15800 a penny. On medication per month I have spent about 10 thousand More 6000 let me not be dragged on wholesale markets with the sore feet, and buy products in the shops within walking distance. That is, the state cares about me, apparently, taking the example of the gospel of the centurion. Well, that little money – well, officer, not a captain…

And it is clear that it is to pay me the money was when I undermined the health of. Before, I was young and, at least, healthier. But the catch is that this money is me the state is not presented. The money I earned, and it kept some of my money, promising to return when I get sick.

I – back.

But my peers, whose experience was not favorable – is going to cheat. For a few years leave without medication. Perhaps they will survive. Maybe not. And pay anything do not have.

And it is a sin. The sin of covetousness.

Covetousness is a sinful passion, namely, to acquire benefits through the predicament of the middle, “the passion to have more and more, which is the multiplication of the gains without disassembling the means through the deception in transactions and trade, through the rise and theft” (St. Theophan the recluse).

That is our government, which this reform came up with sinners. The covetous. And the thought is this, if you will accept it. And Putin, if confirmed. And the word “covetous” is synonymous with “robber.”

So let’s be, friends, to pray for our rulers were not robbers.


The people I met through my work, from pension reform will be worse
The Journalist Marina Akhmedova

Marina Akhmedova

Several years ago I was preparing a news report from the dining room of the metallurgical plant. Got back and worked along with all, starting a shift early in the morning. I cut on a special saw chicken feet. I was then transferred to the pastry shop, because I failed badly.

Pastry shop has been for me a hell large vats, flour, dough, oven. But the most difficult part for me was that for the entire shift, it was impossible to sit down. In those moments when the end of the day so I have cut the heels from touching the floor, eyes were dimmed with tears, I told myself – nothing, it’s the same game, you will soon return to Moscow, it’s not your job.

A woman from the shop gave me comfort. They said that soon I’ll get used to it. Get used to the fact that I have burst veins on the legs. Get used to the fact that under eye bags will appear. And so maybe I, still young, is to go to a bar to meet some man, and it will be the only way for me to Nizhny Tagil. After the change of the catering Manager left me to wash the floors – to make a man of me, and learn to work with a MOP.

I was sent to the shop to steelmakers, so I looked at their work, began to respect him and not sculpted curves of the tube, saying that steelmakers still kind of tube is smooth or curve. I saw a huge fiery furnace with the molten steel. Saw the men approaching close to them. I burned in high temperature furnaces. I know how people work in factories.

Photo: Alena Kalinina

After I asked at lunchtime in the dining room. I wanted to pour steelmakers soup and say, “Bon appetit!” I wanted something to do for them. But then I realized that my voice does not reach to them: coming from the infernal noise they keep the noise to hear while in the dining room quietly.

Yes, to me personally it would be better if I work to 60 to 70 years. I’m not overworked. My work is not monotonous, not physical, my work develops me, I don’t cut chicken legs from day to day, and not wrapped rolls, and not standing at the stove, which boils the steel. I will be better.

But most of my fellow citizens will be worse, and I prefer to think about them. Exactly because, watching them work, I can put myself in their place.

The women from the shop with broken veins in the legs, in place of the conductors of the trains, which themselves lay the coal into the furnace, carry sacks of coal, and when coal is not harvested in the area of wood and paper.

All these people that I met through my work, from pension reform would be worse. I wish it was worse not to them, and that one percent of Russians, which are called financial elite decide in our country. I want them imposed a progressive tax is a tax on wealth. As a citizen of their country, I’m entitled to want it. And if my country has no money for future development, let it start with the rich, not the poor.


The money you’ll never see
Coordinator of the “Society of blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov blogger

Peter Shkumatov

Why the announced increase in the retirement age – idiocy. I explain on fingers. I do not claim to pinpoint accuracy, can be wrong, keep that in mind.

So. Let’s start with numbers as we like. Average monthly salary in Russia is 43 thousand rubles (Rosstat), the average man works 40 years (from 25 to 65 years), on a monthly basis to the pension Fund we pay 22% (i.e. 9.3 million of the average wage).

For 40 years, it turns out 4,5 million rubles.

The average pension in 2017 13.7 thousand rubles. Under the new rules men will retire at 65 years old, came out in 60 years (+5). Women will reach 63 years, and before leaving at the age of 55 (+8). It is easy to calculate that each inhabitant of Russia our age grossly deceived:

men: 60 months x 13700 rubles = 822 000,
women: 96 months x 13700 rubles = 1 315 200 rubles.

But let’s not get distracted, here’s more numbers.

The average man in Russia lives of 65.92. Above it is estimated that during his career the average man lumped in the pension Fund of 4 500 000 rubles. But will get it back at current prices only… (drum roll).

13700 x 12 x 0,92 = 151 248 rubles.

One hundred and fifty thousand rubles – is four and a half million! What you? On a large scale?

That is, if you are a man and pay contributions to the pension Fund, you should know that this money you will never see by natural causes. And I kind of wanted to begin to doubt the mental health of those who voluntarily and knowingly continue to pay into the pension Fund 22%.


Reach the plumber that my water at the cottage builds
Columnist Olga Tuhanina

Olga Tuhanina

Interestingly, there are people who are trying to prove to me – to me! – that raising the retirement age is a benefit.

I don’t need to convince you guys. I have been living, in retirement. I’m a freelancer. I have pensions really will not. I don’t work anywhere officially. Only the social sphere. Although taxes for me deduct, but everything is empty.

Why? Well I’m a teacher in history. Work at school liked. Despite the bureaucracy, despite the salary. I worked in Moscow. What is left? Back. Can’t stand long. And the work of sitting in school is not a job, but a mockery. A back injury received at the first childbirth in the nineties. Then – only worse. And who would have me compensated?

Write cheerful who? And colleagues. Those who are heavier swipe nothing in life raises. The writers of the script writers. Well, they and so to death to work. If brain will. But empathy no.

Write “Stop whining” people in retirement. Say: “Pensions are not enough, I earn”. Well done. First, discard the pension which is, in favor of the government, then you will teach.

Refrain from benefits, pension related. And then you add money at the expense of us. And you have still to teach you? It’s very funny.

So fill the tanks not me. You get to my plumber that my water in the country is developing. It’s not FB, it’s not in the VC. TV he’s not looking, in the “Classmates” only plays. Vote for someone you know. Now regret very much.

Photo: Marina Stroganov/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

Healthy man, huge. On “the loaf” goes. Age. Mother with multiple sclerosis. Go and tell him. About the economic assumptions. Personally, it doesn’t, and how you will to it information and to enter – it’s your problem.


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