If my daughter was asked to write “father in front”

Students of the Petersburg schools and their parents upset with the homework in the textbook “Literary reading,” edited by L. F. Klimanova. Reading the poem Elena Blaginina “a letter to the Pope on the front” about the great Patriotic war, pupils need to imagine that their fathers are soldiers who serve on the front, and write them a letter.

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Tatiana Krasnova

Tried to imagine what it would be if the letter “to the Pope on the front” was asked to write my ten year old daughter. It turned out badly. In fact, my imagination has agreed to draw only a scandal, the two for the outstanding homework and call parents to school.

Simply put, my girl kind of thing wouldn’t, but in the class said that mother “homework” to do not told.

To the question “why” decade of the child is difficult to answer. Also, how hard (I hope) to imagine a dad in the trenches, under the tracks of tanks, to the field hospital with severed leg and protruding guts, blinded after a concussion or burned in a furnace of concentration camps. Moreover, I vaguely think that the child is able to imagine, it must immediately lead to a competent psychiatrist and start therapy until he began to strangle cats.

Ordinary, normal patalaska this does not represent, shrug their shoulders and write this grown fools Gorny and udobnenko letter “to the front” (which, by the way? On the Syrian? In Ukrainian? Or the imagination of a child should carry the father on the Kursk bulge or Narva?).

Say, “dear father, carry their difficult service defending our beloved homeland from the evil enemy, and I will help my mother and wait for you home, even if you tear off the head of a projectile”? This is definitely the easiest. In General, to teach people how to lie and to adapt to other people’s idiocy is pretty easy. It’s not rocket science. Every is available.

The consequences will be unpleasant, but we are used to. The doublethink we are taught from childhood learn these. The technique worked.

But pray tell me, do you really see in this task, the anti-war message?! Do you really think this is about protecting the world and our history?

I’m sorry, but I see this is only a small part of the war, which our children are being bullied year round, day and night, all the screens and stands fed the impudent rascals, who themselves are not going to fight, and our kids somehow strive to get into shape and to get in the trenches.

And forgive me, I really want the war to FORGET, because experience shows me every day that such “Patriotic” education war is not distant, but approaching, not terror already is, and the lust, the desire to “palnut”, “smear”, to show who’s boss.

And why are these advocates so sure that those who fought the old people would be happy such a memory? For my grandparents I answer, they would be terrified. They were fighting for something, to see the day when “our girls will replace overcoat on dresses,” and now their great-granddaughters again strive to be dressed in overcoats. Yet, as a masquerade. And not to the habit.

And another thing, perhaps.

I was happy to help his daughter write a letter to those uncles that war delirious, and strive to replace it are normal, nice, honest and good life.

I’d ask along with her, to whom and why war is profitable, who will lose her leg and head, and who will sit in a warm place and multiply their capital. And would suggest the child to look closely – if not the uncle that I plan to sit, I make her write the Pope to a non-existent hole.

But I’m afraid no, this letter would have pleased…

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