“If the President goes to the temple, will give children the priest” – the two sons appeared “supernatural”

In family of the priest of Alexander Smith and his wife Elena – 15 children ranging in age from 19 years to ten months. For almost fifteen years the family lived in Khorol village in Primorye, and now decided to move.

Father Alexander family

  • Us nun put it, the tenth child waiting!
  • Family with six children was left without light and in the DCP propose to divorce for the sake of benefit
  • “Smiling like there is no problem” she’s in ninth and believes that life is beautiful
  • “Die, but give birth” – can a priest to educate parishioners

– Never! I don’t want to go in Khorol! exclaimed Elena, knowing that her husband, the priest of Alexander Smith from Vladivostok, where lived the young family transferred to the village.

Mother Helen with kids

Then, in 2004, Elena was expecting the firstborn. To be exact – of first-born twins. About life in the village in the far East, a young mother, who grew up in the nearby village of fertile, where it was almost the only believer in the school, knew firsthand. But she knew that married priest, and it is not a profession but a service, so Packed up and went.

The first house of the priest and his wife, being eight months pregnant, was at some distance from the village, in the so-called “garrison”.

Partially abandoned house, half the houses are empty, without Windows, without doors. In one of such do not end up abandoned houses and gave us the room, says father Alexander. – Though we, too, after some time the door knocked out drunk, so we inserted, holding a sack of potatoes.

In this room came from the local hospital and the first children of Nut. About him Elena says without much joy:

– Always there the attitude to women in childbirth was not very good, and when I gave birth to a fourth child, a daughter, a girl almost died.

The medical staff was busy, I have a placental abruption began, attempts, and I say: “do Not give birth, not give birth. We have no time”. I’m in the hallway for more than an hour had lain there in the end and my daughter was born.

My daughter was born – not breathing. It or still revive in time, or she just decided to live.

Now in the family of fifteen children.

Thirteen children came to us naturally, and two of supernatural, says father Alexander.

To take foster children the couple agreed to before the wedding. However, I thought that it will be the kids, but in 2006, in their family there were two seven year old boy.

We only five years later learned that one of the sons before you can get to us, lay in a psychiatric clinic, says father Alexander, and then, at first, didn’t understand why he bends at night, screaming in an inhuman voice. But in the end the attacks failed to compensate, and all passed. Now it is truly our sons, they are 19 years old, live with us, already trying to work, but it is difficult to find a normal permanent job.

As they say spouses, adopted children to give them at first did not want, why is it that the priest – and foster children!

– Worked exclusively with the argument of the husband that believers are not scary. The President is also here in the Church, and nothing. They actually said: “If, say, the President goes to the temple, then give” – says Elena.

The family now lives in a small house that I bought, including using the parent capital.

He drew, he kneaded cement

Local few believers at first cautiously greeted the appearance of the priest, but eventually accepted, and became actively involved in parish life.

Parishioners, mostly elderly women. But there are young. For the first time on Sunday if came four men, that’s good. Now the Liturgy is attended by about thirty people.

Believers supported the idea of Alexander’s father to build a new temple on the site that was destroyed in the years of Soviet power.

The work began with an initial budget of three thousand roubles, then – world on a string, and I found a major contributor: “Let the workers of our company will be prayed in the far East”. After the imposition of sanctions, recession, money has become more difficult, but the temple was still built.

Secular education from his father, Alexander – the art faculty of the pedagogical University, before you arrive in Primorye, he engaged in Church painting – painted churches, painted icons.

– And then told everyone that will globally to deal with the monumental, to build the temple, the priest laughs. In the end, I myself am the temple drew, he designed, together with the other kneaded cement…

More than twenty ships for kids

About eight years ago, ward decided to remove foster children from the family. Peanut has been through more than twenty hearings, to defend the right of children to live in the family for which this was the most difficult time.

The reasons for removing a Nut is not explained. That is explained, but in a strange way.

– On the same court said that we force them to work. On the other – that, on the contrary, not accustom – says father Alexander. – “Decide already what we do,” I offered them. And the claim that children are not fed, offered to weigh, to make it clear that good or bad they are fed.

The fact that the children had the diagnosis, when we took them, not said, and then began to claim that it is in our family they came from. I literally had to steal a reference, as to how to get to us, the children stayed in the hospital with such diagnoses.

After the children were taken and first put in the hospital, they knocked the window, jumped from the second floor, as frost ran back into the house, which they already considered their own. Care came with the police, the children were again taken away, – says Elena.

In the end, children who are already considered each other brothers, placed in institutions in different directions of Primorye. Finally, after years of litigation, had obtained a court decision to return kids, father Alexander went and brought them. And the next morning found the Windows of the home police squad. The guards demanded the return of children.

– I had to leave, to say that I give them my children? says father Alexander. – Laid on the grass court decisions… One read, looked around at the others: “I don’t understand what we’re doing here”. But it’s not over it, after the children returned, there was about a year vessels.

Wardrobe for school uniforms

To support the family budget, the family was engaged in agriculture – cows, bulls, sheep, quail…

I’m trying some work to find, but to combine with children is possible only by working remotely. While time is not reached to right to, but I plan, – says Elena.

She had already begun to explore the Internet market, between cooking and test lessons.

Elena prepares food every day – everybody loves fresh. A day takes about five liters of milk (if your not, buy), six loaves of bread…

The main food is milk, home-made pastries, porridge, borscht, cutlets.

Dinner big family necessarily all together at one table. “Dad, went to pray” – so usually the kids name is father Alexander to the table.

To ensure that children always went to school neat, form – a separate wardrobe. Came after school, hung some clothes there, and the mother sees if all is in order.

To rest from household cares, Elena is going to draw. Before – was fond of embroidery, beading, and even that was able to sell. Then decided to knit socks for sale, but in the village it was unclaimed: all knit socks.

Believer until now – shock

Now the family is going to move to the village in the Vladimir region. Vladimir is the birthplace of the father of Alexander, where his mother lives. Almost sold out of all the inhabitants of his farm…

Over the years of living in Primorsky Krai it until the end and couldn’t get used to, but now there were difficulties in children.

– After the army I lived in Vladivostok, I had an art Studio of St. Luke, where I was teaching, and in parallel in school.

And sometimes I just wanted to shout: “People, you know that we have the power changed, no longer that of Lenin and Brezhnev. That is not communism!” That is, a believer is still perceived as some kind of shock phenomenon.

And in Khorol, if not take small in the overall scale of the parishioners, and other people, the situation is the same.

– Children in school are being bullied, as I once, – Elena sighs. – I studied in the nineties, across the country people turned to faith, and we in the school tore down the crosses, parents were summoned to the Director…

– Of course, it is hard to throw 15 years of works, 15 years of dreaming to change something, – says father Alexander. But at home waiting for me a new arrival and children will be better!

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