“If you want to be happy – luckily got to run” — exclusive interview with Nina Ryakhovsky about her work and about the purpose of women

Woman is a unique being created by God. But so often women don’t know who they really are. What should be the woman God ordained? Especially for you we interviewed Nina anatolevny Ryakhovsky. Most of it is known as the wife of the commanding Bishop Roshi, but also as a person called to serve women. With us she shared what life path she took what God had taught her and told what the true purpose of women.

— Nina Anatolevna, please tell us what started your service women, how did it come into your heart?

— I’ll be honest with you. If many people say that they long dreamed about his way, I was different. Since I am a fairly active person, I always have something to do. The woman in itself is quite chaotic creature, so I didn’t think I’d be working with women. But 25 years ago, on a tourist visa we have guests – two women from Finland. They said they got a revelation for me, and what God wants me to serve women. Frankly, I initially missed it by. But God, He is a man and woman in one. So He knows how to capture a woman’s heart. It took another few years and my husband and I were invited to visit Reinhard Bonnke. Through him God spoke to me that God sees me in my Ministry to women. And here is me a little hooked, because I thought, “man, why is that?”. I realized that it was really God speaking. And if you really want It, why I do not want? And I began to pray. It took another couple of years and at a conference through a preacher, I clearly get the Word out about the beginning of women’s Ministry. I didn’t have vision, there was nothing I didn’t know how to do it.

Once on the train I saw a vision. It could see the road, she walked up the hill and at the end a bright light, the outline of the temple, the Gothic type. I look at the way people go, but go differently. Some walk, a rest, some goes faster, and I don’t know what to do. And when I turn around to the right side, I see a green lawn, a mini-cafe. And I see there rest of people, including our Church. But when I turned around the other side, the picture is significantly different. There are also people, but those who have different injuries. Someone has no arms, legs, someone with a crutch. And they can’t go asking for help. Some woman asks me to help, I grab her hands and see she has no legs. But as soon as it’s on this one leg jumping the way, I don’t know how, there is a second leg. It starts with me, with such joy! And next was also. Due to the fact that I was happy for such miracles, I started to go fast enough. I realized that this is it. I have to help those who have any need.

I began to pray for the Ministry, but something did not, owing, perhaps, reluctance. And so we arrived in Moscow Joyce Meyer. As soon as I entered, the first thing she said to me, “why are You still walking in God’s disobedience? God long ago told you that you were women, and for some reason you are protesting”. And I was exactly 50 years. And I thought it was a barrier. And then she said that she began her public Ministry in 50 years. It really gave me the strength that I will.

I gathered the team, we needed to have a vision. Every week we prayed. I once read the Bible. And I was touched by the story about John the Baptist. His mission was to prepare the way for Jesus. I had a revelation – that’s what we should do. Women must release men for the Kingdom of God, prepare them, pray for them. God created woman as a helpmate. We did a 2 week tour on 2 vans, we had 14 people. Each had their own direction. We traveled 13 cities in which he served. Drove from Ivanovo to Lipetsk. We didn’t have the money. We prayed. God gave us this amount. We bought the bus, it went wonders. But before leaving, I wrote the book “Traveling to happiness”, because we needed to leave a mark. In this book, I wrote the story. In exactly 4 months it was written, edited and produced. So it happened, not my personal dream, but because He wanted to. Through it all I knew – what God wants, I want.


— How did you get the program “Running for happiness” and why did you choose this name?

Program came much later. We have the first service in the Church was female. I asked the older son, so he rented a camera. And when was the first conference, we took it and distributed the material. From this we have a video Ministry. Then my son went to study in this area, and I began to offer to do the program. We did 40 programs with other women. Then this program is exhausted, we stopped to receive from the Lord – what else is new needs to be done ?We started doing live broadcasts. We come to good people and told to make a quality product. We started.

About the name. I think fortunately you want to run. If you go, you will never reach. Here efforts are needed. It is very difficult that we as people often don’t understand what happiness for us. The person who suffers from asthma, looking at the man who breathes and thinks — what a joy to breathe without problems. We have a lot of things. We just do not appreciate. The price of all that I have – I call happiness. The greatest happiness is to enjoy today. Why “running”? I have a lot of kids, and when they were born one by one, of course, was sometimes difficult. But I enjoyed every day and my children. This is happiness. Because so many women who want to have children but can’t conceive. I talked a lot, why do you have so many children? Now, when they grew up, the heart rejoices. Even when I was single, I considered myself a very happy person. I’d recommend just today be happy. Just be happy with what you see, hear, do you have a roof over my head. For me happiness is what I have.


— What are the common problems that women face?

— If to speak globally, it is the female ego, pride, and laziness. Maybe they’re inside and want change, but they make no effort. I mean myself, because I find it very hard to get. Any reluctance you need to turn into desire. When the children grew up, I realized that there is an educational method of love, nothing else exists. I was very fond of children, but I used those techniques which I was taught by my ancestors. The best school is the Scripture. And it says specifically – love.

If it is a married woman, usually she has problems with her husband. He some not so, what she would like. If unmarried, the problem is how to find a husband? I always say that the girl thought fine. Because getting married is to take some of the burden. Because the love described in the 13th Chapter of Corinthians. You will need to tolerate, accept and so on. Do you think you will get married, will you walk with her husband along the waterfront, to sit with candles at the table, to the flowers every day. But it is not so. Because the family has needs. My husband has needs too. He didn’t marry you just to have flowers to wear. The wife should supply their needs, and he with her. And if he does not, we still need to do my part. That is such basic household items. Almost the same thing. It is important to hold to the Word of God, no matter married or not.


— What should be the woman God ordained?

A woman essentially needs to be modest. I’m not saying she should be in the corner to sit, this is not modesty. Modest woman – she’s an active woman. It must also be obedient. Now a lot of titles assigned to the woman, whom the Scripture at all. A lot of attention is devoted to the image. Yes, of course, is in the Word where it says that you have to take care of the flesh. I don’t want to go to extremes some, but I think to see what should be a woman, you need to open the Word of God and see. It should be a gentle and quiet spirit. There are so many focused on how “out of skin” to be somebody. But the Bible it calls. She gives more emphasis on what is inside, unseen. I’m not the person who will motivate the image of “cool women”. But I will say – let’s serve the Lord in fear, awe, love. Let us look for what He wants. Not just the people we were alone, and the homes of others. This generally is the meaning of life. To be a woman of the word of God. For me it is image. Maybe for someone it’s not too promising. And for me it is. Because I’m going to heaven. It is the prospect of heaven.


— You many years in marriage with my husband, hand in hand. Having passed this way — what, in your opinion, the most important thing in marriage?

We’re married 41 years. And just today our anniversary. Over the years, what I would advise is to be closer to the cross of Jesus Christ. It is written that we love to serve each other. All at once, when you hear it, and imagine the bedroom. I think it’s like the icing on the cake. If no cake, then the icing is no longer needed. Need to worry about who is around you. Family happiness is hard work. Work with pleasure. You have to work to be satisfied with their work. When my husband says something and it’s not in my gut, then that’s my choice. Or I’ll tell him your opinion, or listen to. You know what’s fun? I obey even when I think that it will not bring success. But the paradox is that basically the husband was right. And God was on his side. What was supposed to fail, by contrast, has found success. For 40 years, for me it is very surprising. Even my children know it. So for women the best part is obedience, gentleness, meekness. That was not a scream, no quarrels, in General all that often like women. I realized that I needed to conform to the Word of God first and foremost for myself. Of course there were conflicts, but Thank God, we are always out of them very worthy. My children once said, “It would be nice if we were married like you.” For me it is the highest criterion of comparison.


— What would you wish our readers?

My reader I would say. The most valuable thing for women is to really be helpful, obedient, because Christ Himself purchased the Church by obedience to His Father. He said, “not My will, but thine be done.” If a woman understands that “not my, but thy will be done”, she made it big. If she is not married, she focuses specifically on Jesus. To the will of God was fulfilled to her through Jesus. If a woman is married, it is through obedience to her husband, she is obedient to Jesus Christ.


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