If you want to be healthy – tempered!

Hardening is a public procedure, which aims to increase the body’s resistance to hypothermia or overheating.

Hardening increases endurance, strengthens the nervous system, increases immunity and resistance to diseases. The hardening is considered to be one of the best ways to maintain health.

Hardening of the body can be divided into several types depending on the procedure being performed.


Cold air is the most simple and affordable method of hardening. You need to spend more time outdoors regardless of the weather and time of year. Need to try more time to walk in parks, woods, near water as in the summer the air in such places is full of helpful substances that are released by plants. Winter is also very important walking in forests and parks, as winter air is substantially free of germs, more saturated with oxygen and has a healing effect on the entire body.

Fresh air strengthens the body by cooling the skin receptors and nerve endings of the mucous membranes and thus improves the body’s thermoregulation. Tempering air is useful for a person’s emotional state, enhance immunity, oxygen saturation, helps to normalize the work of most organs and systems of the body.


Hardening the sun increases resistance of the nervous system, accelerates the body’s metabolic processes, increases the body’s resistance to disease, improves blood circulation, muscular system, has a tonic effect on almost all body functions.

Hardening the sun can not only benefit, but also to have a very great harm, so this type of hardening needs to be very responsible and follow all the rules of conditioning to the sun. In any case it is impossible to prevent burns, overheating and heat stroke. Incorrect tempering the sun can lead to serious diseases. Hardening the sun should be gradual and take into account the age, health, climatic conditions and other factors.

Walking barefoot

This type of hardening is beneficial to children and adults. On the footsteps of the men is a large number of receptors, which when walking barefoot stimulated, tone the nervous system and vessels, and through them help to normalize the work of many organs and body systems. Walking barefoot increases the body’s resistance to colds, improves the immune system. This type of hardening is a good prevention of many diseases.

Cold water

After water hardening, the blood circulation in the body is intensified, bringing organs and systems of the body extra oxygen and nutrients. Cold water can be divided into several types.

Rubbing is the most delicate and gentle of all tempering procedures water. Rubbing can be applied from early childhood. It can be done with a sponge or hand towel dampened with water. First, wipe the upper body, then rubbed her dry with a towel, and then wipe the lower part of the body and also rubbing with a dry towel.

Pouring is more effective at exerting influence procedure than a rubdown. Pouring can be shared, that is, of the whole body, and local, pouring feet. After treatment with cold water, you must RUB the body dry with a towel.

Shower. Cold shower is even more efficient quenching than rubbing and pouring. Variants of hardening a shower two: this is a cool (cold) shower and contrast shower.

Therapeutic swimming and winter swimming. This kind of tempering water every year becomes more and more popular. Therapeutic bathing and winter swimming helps all organs and systems of the human body — improves the function of the heart, lungs, improving the system of thermoregulation. This type of hardening involves a strict observance of all rules for the species. To start winter swimming is required after consultation with doctor.

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