“I’m not ashamed to sing on the bus” – how to live legless Colombian rapper Alfonso Mendoza

Mother of Alfonso wanted to get rid of the fifth pregnancy, the baby was born alive, but without legs. Thanks to my grandmother, music and my skateboard Alfonso learned to accept myself and enjoy life.

Photo: Vanexa Romero/EL TIEMPO

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Alfonso Mendoza of 25 years, he is a rap artist, worker, father monthly girls and disabled from childhood. Alfonso was born in Venezuela in 1993. The boy was supposed to be the fifth child in the family, and his mother tried to have an abortion.

Alfonso was born without legs, parents abandoned him in the first days of life and up to 9 years the boy was raised by his grandmother, thanks to which the young man had kept for life.

Alka. Photo: El Diario

It grandmother the Aura Alfonso is obliged to believe in myself. “”Alfonso, promise me that for lack of the feet you won’t feel worse than others”. I was 9 years old, and I promised. The next day I was informed that my grandmother died that night” – he said in an interview.

The legless boy in a wheelchair persecuted in school: “Children throw me in the trash or locked in the bathroom.”

As a result, Alfonso was depressed, and he seriously thought about suicide, but music and the friend who helped to change the wheelchair on a skateboard, saved his life.

“I wanted to have a family, I wanted a girl and friends, but I came to the conclusion that you can’t tell a girl I love her if I didn’t love myself. (…) I was going to kill himself and only at the age of 16 was able to fully accept myself”.

Photo: Vanexa Romero/EL TIEMPO

People see me as a guy who is looking for a way to move forward

In 25 years, Alfonso knew that soon he and his wife are having a girl. This event caused the man to take the risk to emigrate to more prosperous Colombia.

In a new country Alcoy (his stage name) started making money by the sale of lottery tickets or products of manual labor, but quickly realized that he could achieve more, speaking in public transport. Every day, he sings in a bus with a small turntable and a microphone.

“I do not mind to sing on the bus. Would be embarrassing if one day I come home and my wife tells me that we have no diapers or clothes for our daughter. I believe that my duty in life has changed,” he says.

Alfonso with his wife and child.
Photo: AFP / Raul Arboeda

Alfonso earns 30 thousand pesos – a little more than 600 rubles. For 3 days he gets the same as the average Colombian in a month.

“Despite the disability, he is more advanced than the other parents. We have everything we need, and he does everything for us,” says his wife, Milady Foam.

“I like people who look at me with admiration. They see me as a guy who’s looking for a way to move forward and not someone who complains about life and their disabilities”, says about himself Alfonso.

Photo: Népszava/AFP/Raul Arboleda

For young Colombians Alfonso – role model. Alka delivers motivational lessons in private schools and tells how to positively look at life and believe in yourself. “God gave me legs, but He replaced them with talent,” he said.

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