I’m the first to stand up for the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

The Supreme commander of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

In any case it is impossible to prevent religious conflicts and the seizure of churches, said Poroshenko.

3 December 2018 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the program “Svoboda words” on “ICTV” has again expressed its readiness to prevent the grips of churches of the UOC and to personally stand up for them.

“I before 14 Oct met with all political forces which wanted to organize a rally and organized it, and said that if someone comes to the temple, I’m the first to stand up for this Church,” the President said.

He stressed that any conflict, and especially bloodshed, is beneficial for Russia, so creating a Single Local Church it is unacceptable to pressure the Ukrainian authorities.

“Fight is something that Russia is now seeking. We, the wise Ukrainian people will not allow this. We need unity of the Churches,” – said Poroshenko.

He believes that in the new Church structure will come all the hierarchs of the UOC-KP, UAOC and part of the hierarchs of the UOC.

“And those who are left out of the process – still coming, but later, because the parishioners and the people will help to make this choice,” – said the head of state.

He stressed that “help” the bishops of the UOC to make a decision about the transition in the Local Church is “the people, not the President; the benefits of EPTS, not the government pressure”.

December 1, 2018 Petro Poroshenko said that the UOC will no longer be able to “stigmatize, who have canonical and who is graceless”, and that to change this situation, the President considers it his duty.

According to him, the state guarantees the right of freedom of religion, but “”fingers fan” of the Moscow Patriarchate here to place” no longer.

On the same day on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the confirmation of all-Ukrainian referendum of the Act of independence of Ukraine on 1 December 1991 Petro Poroshenko has awarded two hierarchs of the UOC the order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise V degree.

The Decree of the President No. 404/2018 says that awards are given to individuals who have made a significant personal contribution to state-building, socio-economic, scientific-technical, cultural-educational development of Ukraine.

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