In Algeria, the three churches were allowed to reopen after protests – Your Bible

In Algeria re-opened 3 churches that were previously closed by the authorities. June 11 this year, three churches in Algeria, closed by the authorities, was re-opened, reports the Christian megaportal with reference to the Prayer leaf Fund “Barnabas”.

Two churches in the wilaya of Oran in the Northwest of Algeria was closed in February after authorities said they had no official permission, and the Church in ain El-Turk has been closed since November 2017 under the pretext that her bookstore was allegedly used for “illegal publication of the Gospels and evangelistic publication.”

“This re-opening was without any conditions. Praise The Lord! — told by our local contact, We are grateful for your continued prayer support.”

In recent months, the Algerian authorities have increased pressure on Christians has created a Committee to “test the safety” of the churches, and organized police raids and prosecutions for possession of Bibles and Christian materials. Christians in Algeria there are many tens of thousands. Christians are free to hold services, but the Church building must have an official permit, which is very difficult to obtain.

Thank the Lord for the fact that the Algerian authorities allowed the churches to reopen. Pray that it was not a temporary phenomenon, but a signal that the persecutions of Christians that began in November last year, is now terminated.

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