In Arkhangelsk rally in defense of unborn children, “They could go to school”


Arkhangelsk has joined the national campaign in defense of unborn children, “They could go to school”, the press service of the Arkhangelsk diocese.

In the shopping center “Titan arena” the performances of the choreographic school “Reverence”, sports school “Olimp”, music Studio “the circle” and other performers. Worked information exhibition “In defense of life.” On the floor laid out participants in 42 pairs of children’s shoes: that’s the number of abortions happening every day in the Arkhangelsk region.

“The campaign aims to show the alternative — the joy and happiness of new life, motherhood and childhood. Our task is not to criticize, not to frighten, but to help people see the beauty of the right way,” commented event in the past, the head of the diocesan Department of medical-social service and charity, and the father of six children Archpriest Alexei Denisov. Alexis is spiritually nourishes the regional society of Orthodox doctors, the Chairman of which Evgeny Shchukin organized an art protest.

“Things that are shown here, it is necessary to understand youth, not to make horrible mistakes in life, — said “Titan Arena” the head of the diocesan Department for cooperation of Church and society of the Abbot Theodosius (Nesterov). — Youth need to treat ourselves as God’s image, with great respect, to try to choose the way of death, and the way of life.”

Recall that the rally was organized by the Ministry of health, Northern state medical University, regional Commissioner for the rights of the child, the society of Orthodox doctors, the Council fathers and the world Russian people’s Council.

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