In Badivka the dissenters threaten the faithful of the UOC because of the captured temple

July 11 was held an eviction of supporters of the UOC-KP from the Church, which they illegally occupied

In the village Budovka Ostrog district, Rivne region the Kiev Patriarchate supporters put pressure on the community of the UOC’s decision about their eviction from the occupied temple.

Representatives of the UOC-KP require from the faithful of the UOC to cease to expel cows in the total herd and grazing them separately from all if the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church the Church will continue to seek the right of the Church. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

How to tell the people of Badovici, July 11, according to the order of the court, was to begin the eviction of supporters of the UOC-KP from the Church, which they illegally occupied.

However, the Executive office has postponed the eviction due to the fact that waiting for an explanation on its mechanism from Rivne court.

“This week our community received an official letter from the Executive service of the Ostroh district that it cannot once again to keep the order of the court, I do not know how to do it, – says Galina Golcuk, parishioner of the Church of the UOC. But supporters of the UOC-KP was obviously not aware of this fact and has collected a meeting near the village shop, which was attended by several of their priests and the Dean who were waiting for the eviction. And since it did not happen, after consulting among themselves, they made paper, which prohibits the believers of the UOC to graze the cows in the total herd. This paper after lunch began to wear through the village and sought signatures.”

Residents of Bazouki say that supporters of the UOC-KP to address the faithful of the UOC heard constant threats, including even executions.

In March 2017, the Supreme court rejected the attempt of the Kyiv Patriarchate to challenge the decision of the Supreme economic court, obliging the invaders to vacate the premises of the Church of Mary Magdalene.

The Supreme economic court of Ukraine ordered the Kyiv Patriarchate to see the temple in the name of St Mary Magdalene village Budovka Ostrog district of Rivne region community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kiev Patriarchate captured.

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