In Bari has opened an exhibition of unique embroidered icons from Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander Logunov

An exhibition of unique embroidered icons “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and other Holy images” opened on Tuesday at the Patriarchal metochion of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Bari Italian, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

It takes place in the framework of cultural and educational events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the memory of the Royal family of Nicholas II and the Holy Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. A series of commemorative events held during the celebration of St. Nicholas, particularly revered by the Romanov dynasty, under the auspices of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society, the Slavic Fund of Russia and Fund of assistance to revival of traditions of mercy and charity “Elisabeth-sergievskoe educational society”.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the meeting, the Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS) Elena Agapova from the name of its head Sergey Stepashin has called the Church of St. Nicholas and the compound “a powerful spiritual center and a bridge linking the spiritual ties of the Russian and Italian peoples.”

“Bari has been and will be a place of great spiritual attraction, like many other Christian shrines of Italy, in which is preserved the stones are stained with the blood of the first Christian martyrs,” said Agapov.

As she told the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the program in Bari completes a year of remembrance and the Royal family in the centenary of their execution. “We brought our pilgrims and the Italian side in the first place our story that connects Russia and Bari through the Orthodox faith, through a story done by the representatives of the Royal family,” said Agapov.

The series of commemorative events can also visit banner exhibition dedicated to the first presidents of the Palestinian society great Prince Sergei Alexandrovich and his wife, the Holy Martyr Elizaveta Feodorovna. Part of the exhibition devoted to the activities of Elisabeth-sergievskoe companies.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander Logunov

The exhibition of embroidered icons presented about 20 works, the creators of which revive the traditions of Russian art of embroidery of icons, beads, pearls and precious stones. The organizers expect that the exhibition will run in the premises of a farmstead before Easter.

In an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the IOPS, head of the Supervisory Board Elisabeth-sergievskoe society Anna Gromova stressed the importance in the memory of the Holy Royal martyrs, the Romanov Grand Duchess, St. Elizabeth, “go through the places associated with their life, suffering, and charitable activities.”

“We have noted the places which they have devoted many years and many works of his life. One of them is Belgradska pilgrim farmstead, which was the subject of their concerns for many years”, – said Gromov.

According to her, the project of an Orthodox Church and pilgrim Church has completed in the shortest possible time in 1913, thanks to the help of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra.

“After the revolution Belgradska farmstead were expecting a tough destiny, but we are happy that in 2008 we were able through the generosity of the Italian authorities to reverse the situation, – said Gromov. Now we have the opportunity to blogocracy this wonderful place and take here of the pilgrims, who according to an old tradition committed to St. Nicholas in Bari, as in the old days after a pilgrimage to the Holy land, they arrived in Bari and prayed for the salvation of Russia, about the world, about happiness, prosperity to Holy Russia not perish forever.”

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