In Bari, the relics of St. Nicholas (photos)

The feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra, Archpriest Igor Pchelintsev divided photo-impressions of a pilgrimage to Bari, where the relics of the Saint.

  • Orthodox Christians celebrate the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker from Myra to Bari
  • The Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari: relics and decorations (photo)
  • Pilgrims from Russia arrived in Bari to worship the relics of St. Nicholas
  • Bari is preparing for the transfer of the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker in Russia (PHOTO)

So to speak, from the scene. This report is long awaited in the wings. We went to Bari with the parishioners of St. Tabitha in tel Aviv in June this year, but only now put a small report. Is asked to look.

Basilica of St. Nicholas. Nicholas of Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Our small but friendly group and the icon, sanctified on the relics of the Saint, today we have it in the temple.

The Treasury of the Basilica of St. Nicholas. Nicholas, in the foreground, as I understand it, the wreckage of the ship, where the relics were moved from Myra to Bari (Belgrad), orfaf (ARKS with many relics of saints, including many very famous).

Inside the Basilica, the relics of Saint Nicholas are in the crypt at the bottom, almost under the altar in the upper Church.

Baroque ceiling “fastened” to the ancient Basilica, probably all accustomed to it, but it is not in style.

The main altar of the Basilica

The entrance to the crypt

The throne over the relics of St. Nicholas. Behind bars under the covers a hole through which once a year may 9 (Victory Day, the truth is this match is the memory of Sainted new style) a special syringe to pump out the precious myrrh from the relics of the Saint, every year comes approximately 200-250 grams (milliliters) of the world. Then it is diluted with clean water and handed out to the pilgrims however for the coin. Tell stories about some “new Russian”, which for the big money wanted to get a few liters of “clean the world from the tomb” they said that it is impossible in principle.

Your obedient servant in the Liturgy in the crypt of St. Nicholas. Nicholas. To the right is the rector of the Russian metochion in Bari, father Andrey Boytsov.

So, the pilgrims consecrate their sanctity from the relics of the Saint at the time of the Liturgy, icons, and other fills to the back of the throne.

After the Liturgy the pilgrims kiss the foot of the throne and the cross.

The icon behind the altar is the gift of the Serbian kings.

Lamp-boat in different angles.

After the Orthodox Liturgy in the upper Church the Catholics are preparing for their wedding.

Have something to eat…

Well, the lions – a beautiful ancient Byzantine stone carving.

Old silver reliquary of St. Nicholas. Nicholas is now stored in the upper Church.


Goodbye, Venice, goodbye, Saint Nicholas! Happy holiday to all!

Only up!

Source – LJ Archpriest Igor Pchelintseva

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