In Beijing, celebrations were held to mark the day of memory of Martyr Mitrophan and those with him injured


23 June 2018 located on the territory of the Russian diplomatic mission in Beijing Orthodox Church of the Dormition celebrated on the occasion of the day of commemoration of Hieromartyr Metrophanes presbyter and those with him many martyrs, according to patriarhiei.

The service was led by the rector of the parish of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong Archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev. He was assisted by the acting rector of the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos by hieromonk Innokenty (Kolesnikov), the rector of the Orthodox community in Shanghai, the priest John, Liquors, caring Orthodox community in Dalian (Liaoning province, China), a cleric of the Birobidzhan diocese of the priest Andrey Bukhteev, serving in the Church of the apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong, a cleric of Khabarovsk everyevent Anatoly Kung.

After the Liturgy at the memorial cross on the site of the destroyed temple of All Holy martyrs of the Russian spiritual mission in China was made of lithium funeral of all the deceased in the land of China the Orthodox Christians. After the service the priests and parishioners of the Church continued the fellowship over a common meal.

On the eve of the assumption Cathedral the Cathedral clergy was made a festive all-night vigil.

During the uprising of the Yihetuan (boxer rebellion) in Beijing in 1900 was martyred a considerable part of the Chinese Orthodox community headed by the priest Mitrophan JI. In the place of their burial in the territory of the Beijing spiritual mission was erected a temple in honor of the Holy martyrs. In 2016, the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church adopted a decision on the Church-wide glorification of Hieromartyr Mitrophan and those with him injured (commemorated June 10/23).

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