In Belarus held a Forum “the time of the professionals”

On 6 October in Minsk hosted the Forum “the time of the professionals”, which was held by the missionary organization Mission Eurasia together with the Union of churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Belarus. The event was attended by over 600 young professionals, Church leaders, representatives of communities of Christians in the professional world.

The participants came to the Forum not only from Belarus but also from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic States, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The team of speakers of the Forum were international keynote speakers was writer Philip Yancey and President of the Foundation “Business and education as a mission,” John Bernbaum, head of the Baptist Union of Belarus Leonid Mikhovich, rector Marlene wall LCC. Together with them, the participants were asked by the leader of a medical movement in Belarus Artyom Adamenko, founder of the global leadership summit in Belarus Yuri Karmanovich, representative of the initiative of Christians in business, Mikhail Bychko, international Director of Mission Eurasia Michael Shanks and a number of other speakers. The Forum was also organized performances by Philip Yancey in front of a wide youth audience in Ukraine and Belarus, which was attended by 1,100 young people seeking to creatively communicate the gospel to modern society.

Helen, an Intern from Russia wrote in his blog after visiting the Forum: “Six months ago I read a book by Philip Yancey, which changed my Outlook, gave answers to many questions that I have long pondered. And today I managed to speak with him personally. It’s so amazing — the opportunity to meet the author, with whom you have very similar thoughts and who have influenced your life, and Express my gratitude.”

Alexander, a student from Lithuania, has shared during the workshop, which was held at the Forum: “I’m studying business administration. Always worried about how I would combine his Christian principles and reality of the professional world. During the Forum I realized how you can influence a Christian be a professional, and found several Christians of managers and businessmen with which will develop relations.”

Alex, an IT specialist from Minsk, said in an interview after the Forum: “Only one day, but he completely changed my attitude to work and to Ministry in the workplace. I realized most importantly: “Why should I remain a Christian at work.” Now I find it easier to understand the answer to another question: “How can I witness for Christ to their colleagues and clients.”

A week after the Forum, 13 October 2018 will be held in Minsk “Forum plus”: a series of training conferences which should develop the influence of the Forum to give participants the practical knowledge and tools for mission in the workplace. These conferences will be conducted by speakers of the Forum for several professional groups: doctors, teachers, businessmen, IT professionals. We expect that the conference will not only teach young leaders but also help them to create a new community of Christian professionals in their professional areas.

Team organizer of the Forum hopes that the Forum and the “Forum plus” in Belarus will have a strategic influence by not less than 5,000 professionals, of them forming leaders to serve the society.

The forum “time of the professionals” has been previously conducted in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and influenced no less than 30,000 young leaders to serve Christ in the professional world. What are the forums, what problems they face and what motivated the team Mission Eurasia to begin to hold forums? The main reason is that after the collapse of the Soviet regime, Christians returned to the most important areas of public life. Now they need to change their professional environment, unless of course they don’t want her to change them. In many post-Soviet countries already have a critical mass of young Christian leaders, the visible and promising in their professional environment. A new generation of educated professionals holds an important place in post-Soviet society. It’s time professionals who will join Christian vocation and professional competence. It’s time mission in the profession. The simple idea of “mission in the profession” was embodied in an equally simple working model available for understanding, repetition and application in various contexts. For this purpose there are forums of gathering of Christians working to discuss all aspects of Christian influence on society through the profession. The forum was the most appropriate format of communication and collaboration for young leaders. Interactive environment should contribute to the manifestation, disclosure, development of individual ability, of progressive ideas, ambitious plans.

The forums are part of the strategic initiative “the mission of the profession” and in fulfilling its role, developing a professional community of Christians, United the initiative. The strategic initiative “Mission to profession” was developed by team Eurasia Mission to strengthen, develop and motivate a new generation of professionals-Christians for their active and competent service of Christ and His Kingdom through their professional potential and wide social influence. The goal of the initiative: to form young Christian professionals holistic worldview, leadership qualities and skills required for active influence in their professional environment and transformations in society; to train professionals-Christians how they can practically demonstrate the Christian faith in their professional activities. At the initial stage and even to the present time “Mission in the profession” was based on the experiences of the educational project of Mission Eurasia — “School without walls”, its ideological resources, leadership structure, network of relationships with partners and churches.

The Forum “Time professionals” in Minsk hosted a meeting of national coordinators of the “School without walls”, which was attended by over 40 participants from 12 countries of Eurasia. These people organize the educational process, “School without walls”, forming new leaders for the Church and society and represent the service Mission Eurasia in their countries.

The successful experience of “School without walls” gave us the right to hope for the success of new initiatives on the development of our vision for a new stage in the new, secular and professional spheres. Two key areas of Ministry, Mission Eurasia project “School without walls” and the movement of professionals allows Christians missionary strategy, Mission Eurasia to become as efficient as possible.

The forum, which was held on 6 October 2018 in Belarus, was a response to the urgent need of the Church in young leaders. We also believe that the Forum helps to fill the society’s need for professionals who will be guided by Christian values in their work and relationships. We believe that “mission in the profession” is a strategic opportunity for churches to influence the countries of Eurasia and the young Christians guide your leadership potential in the areas where they spend most of their lives. Believe that the Forum in Minsk will start a new Christian initiatives in the field of business, education, medicine, management, IT. Believe that jobs 5000 young professionals will become a territory of the Kingdom of God.

The press service of “Mission Eurasia”


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