In Belgrade, a monument to the Serbian Patriarch Paul


The monument to the Serbian Patriarch Pavel Stoicoviciu will appear in the center of Belgrade. The monument will be a bronze figure of a seated Patriarch. The author of the project was the sculptor Zoran Males. The opening of the monument planned in the Serbian capital on 15 November, the day of the repose of Patriarch.

Monuments to Patriarch Paul since his burial on 15 November 2009, there were already a few in several cities of Serbia.

So it’s set to Leposavic in Northern Kosovo, Bainey in Ponferrada and Trebinje in Herzegovina. The installation of the monument in the Park Tashtagolskom bless his Holiness Patriarch Irinej.

Patriarch Paul reposed in the Lord on November 15, 2009 95 year of life and was buried in the monastery of Rakovica at his own request.

Patriarch Paul had a special love for the Serbian people because of their modesty and simplicity. His funeral was attended by more than 600 thousand people.

He was the 44th Patriarch of the Serbian Church and was on the throne for 19 years in one of the most tragic and critical years for the Serbian Church and people.

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