In Borodino will be held the military-historical festival “Moscow behind us. 1941”


On October 13-14, with the support of the Ministry of culture in the Museum-reserve “Borodino field” will pass military-historical festival “Moscow behind us. 1941”. The festival is dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the battle of Moscow, reports the website of the Ministry of culture of Russia.

The festival will be recreated battle scene, which died down at Borodino in October 1941. The event will be attended by more than 500 re-enactors from military-historical clubs of Russia.

On the territory of Museum-reserve “Borodino field”, as you can see armored vehicles of the great Patriotic war — T-1, BTR-222, BTR-321, motorcycles, tractor KRUPP, PAK 36, artillery, firearms.

In the area between the building and the main exhibition “glory vvek, Borodino!” and the visitor center during the festival will be an exhibition of retro cars Museum of automotive history.

The main force defending in October 1941 the Borodino field, became the 5th army, composed of 32-I red banner rifle division under the command of Colonel V. I. polosuhin. One of the honored guests will be the grandson of Colonel polosuhin Victor — Victor I. Panyukov.

Festival starts at 11.00 a.m.

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Military-historical festival “Moscow behind us. 1941” is one of the most extensive and exciting renovations on the events of the great Patriotic war. The event was organized by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation together with the Russian military historical society (RVIO) and the International military historical Association (MVIA).

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