In Boutin consecrated a new Church of the UOC is captured Kiev Patriarchate

The consecration of the Church in honor of St. Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernihiv

Metropolitan of Ternopil and Kremenets Sergius arrived in Boutin, to sanctify the throne is common to the whole province the temple is built is captured by the UOC-KP.

On September 23 the parishioners of the United community of the UOC – villagers Boutin and Kynakhivtsi Zbarazh district, Ternopil region – celebrated in his new chapel of the ruling Bishop and the clergy of the diocese of Ternopil. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

In the result of the raiding of the UOC-KP Orthodox several rural communities in the area were left without access to their own temples. In many ways, so a new prayer room built on private land, was built with record speed.

Service is never not crowded: every Sunday from the surrounding villages converge here at least hundreds of people. On the day of arrival of the Archpastor of the Church building was full with many parishioners witnessed an important event – the consecration of the throne.

The Church was consecrated in honor of St. Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov, whose memory is honored in the Orthodox Church on September 22.

“Significant construction had the Kyivan Metropolitanate of the UOC, the patrons of the Charity Fund “favor”, the brethren of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, as well as many private persons”, – said the representative of the Ternopil diocese Archpriest George Prokopchuk.

“One of the first assistance in the arrangement of the temple handed over our fellow believers from Chernivtsi, Bukovina diocese, the community in honor of St. Michael the Archangel village Kadubovtsy,” – said the rector of the United community Archpriest Vitaly Gurev. According to him, last year the priest from the village Kadubovtsy, father Sergey, Achtemichuk passed to Boutin iconostasis.

As reported by the SPM, the temple of Archangel Michael in Butin village was captured by the Kiev Patriarchate in the autumn of 2014, after which the remaining faithful of our Church members who joined St. Peter-Paul community of the village Kynakhivtsi nearby. After three years in the hands of the schismatics fell and the temple, United the community for some time prayed in the house of the Church warden of the community of the UOC of the village Kynakhivtsi, and then moved to temporary quarters set near the future house of worship in Butyn.

In the summer of 2017, the community was supported by the delegation of the priests of the Church of Cyprus. As for the legal status of a parish of the UOC in Kynakhivtsi, which, like butinsky parish, was re-registered in favor of the UOC-KP, the community tries to defend it in court.

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