In Britain, from the Church, stole the collection of human skulls

The collection of skulls in the Church of Kent is one of the largest in Europe

Stolen skull was stored in the underground crypt of the Church of St. Leonard, in the County of Kent.

In Britain, the kidnappers stole more than 20 human skulls from the Church of St. Leonard, located in Kent, reports The Sun.

St Leonard’s Church has the largest collection of human remains. The underground crypt (ossuaries) on the shelves of a height of a human collected more than 1,000 skulls.

Previously it was thought that the bones belonged to soldiers who fell at the battle of Hastings, but in fact it is the remains of local residents time XIII-XV centuries, which was moved to the Church cemetery. Most of the bones belong to women.

Currently, the police are looking for criminals who kidnapped an unknown purpose 21 skull.

Ossuaries, as a rule, represent the open storage of bones in the crypts or chapels. Despite the symbolism of this custom has a practical purpose – saving space in the cemeteries. The most famous are ossuaries at the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome, and Ossuary in the suburb of the Czech town Kutna Hora, where the bone used as material for decoration of the chapel.

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