In Britain, proposed to revive the medieval mysteries and carnivals

Carnival procession in honour of the first British Martyr St Alban

In the cathedrals of great Britain become more and more popular carnivals and theatrical performances with gospel stories.

British cathedrals revives the tradition of medieval mystery plays and costumed carnivals, reports The Guardian.

The Reverend Jeffrey John, Dean of St. Alban, on the initiative of which largely turned a new Church-cultural movement, believes that the medieval tradition quite relevant today.

“Today we have returned to a highly visual culture, and medieval practices are suitable for this purpose – said the priest. And if you, like many cathedrals, there is a strong medieval roots, it is your responsibility to examine them and to revive that heritage.”

Cathedral of St. Alban in Hertfordshire is at the vanguard of this movement. Last week they gathered thousands of pilgrims and tourists to the carnival procession to celebrate the feast in honor of the first British Martyr. During this kind of “procession” participants use a huge carnival puppets with a height of over 3.5 meters.

Among these dolls not only to the Holy Alban, but other characters including Roman soldiers, chariots, and even lions. In the procession attended by about 300 parishioners of the Church – children, Teens and adults. The final scene, the martyrdom of the Saint, by tradition, represent the West wall of the Cathedral, one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Britain.

The revival of medieval practices, the end of which marked the reformation, supported by many abbots of the historic cathedrals in the UK. Some clergy see this as one of the ways to find funding for the maintenance of ancient buildings in proper condition.

Earlier it was reported that the Church in Britain was closed for two weeks for the sake of Tits.

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