In Bugulma launched mobile social dining


14 Jun Bugulma head of social Department of Almetyevsk diocese priest Konstantin petryaev has performed the rite of consecration mobile social canteen, the press service of the Tatarstan Metropolitanate. The ceremony of consecration was attended by the Deputy mayor of Bugulma Irina Belova and the representatives of Almetyevsk Sisterhood of the diocese.

The trailer, which is a mobile soup kitchen for geologists and oilmen, was presented to the Church by local oil exploration company. Mobile dining room is equipped with Autonomous heating system, which will allow you to use it in cold season.


Social dining room will be used by the sisters of mercy of the diocese of Almetyevsk for feeding the homeless and low-income citizens. If the distribution of hot meals was carried out in tents and stopping pavilions, now this has created favorable conditions. It should be noted that the cook in the refectory of the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in compliance with all sanitary norms and rules, and in the mobile canteen is only a portion of the distribution.


According to the agreement with city administration address permanent disposition of the trailer was the area near the railway station, which is the traditional venue for fundraisers and social Department of the diocese of Almetyevsk.

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