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The lessons of sex education will be abolished in the new academic year in the canadian province of Ontario. In July of this year, the new government of Ontario announced the cancellation of classes on sexual education in schools.

Now with the beginning of the new academic year in all schools in Ontario will be introduced in the old program adopted at the end of the 1990s, reports IN the LIGHT.

School program sex education was adopted by the old government of Ontario, headed by Catherine UIN. This program caused a huge outcry among parents and outrage in the community. The program was adopted without the consent of the parents.

However, a month ago in the province has elected a new Prime Minister. Defeated in the elections of the representative of the conservative electorate Doug Ford, who in his election campaign promised to review the program of sex education in Ontario schools. Ford kept his word and abolished this scandalous program.

Now negotiations are underway to create a new course on sexual education taking into account the views of parents. So far, the conservatives have not decided on the program content for the elementary school. According to Ford, during the elections to have been approached by parents with a request to give them the opportunity to influence change in sexual education. So he decided to listen to them and based on the results of the consultation to a new program. The lessons of sex education imposed by the former liberal government, became the subject of many discussions and disputes. Critics say that no child should have to discuss same-sex marriage, Masturbation and gender identity. Training was offered already since the second grade. The controversy around this school program however did not subside.

The opposition said that the conservative voters, “the place in the nineteenth century, if not before.” Meanwhile, a group of teachers who disagree with the abolition of the subject, declared that their moral and ethical responsibility to students to continue learning sex education in edition of 2015.

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