In Canterbury Cathedral was returned to the missing 500 years ago the Bible

Found Bible Of Lichfild

It is considered that the instance was created in Paris in the thirteenth century.

Pocket a handwritten edition of the Bible of XIII century, half a Millennium thought lost, returned to the library of Canterbury Cathedral. About it, reports Live Science.

A rare copy of the Scriptures was lost in the sixteenth century, when England was ruled by Henry VIII. He led the Reformation that separated the Anglican Church from the Roman Catholic Church. In that time, hundreds of churches were closed, including Canterbury Cathedral, in the library, which contains over 30 000 books.

The found instance is called the Bible of Lichfild supposedly created in Paris in the thirteenth century. The text is written in Latin on parchment, the pages are brightly decorated.

The book was discovered by a private collector and bought about 100 thousand pounds.

Previously the Bible, walked on the moon, put up for auction in the United States.

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