In Cherkassy all Christian faiths and denominations have created Council of churches

On 11 February in Cherkasy formed a regional Council of Christian churches. It includes representatives from eight faiths and denominations, namely the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Greek-Catholic and Roman-Catholic Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Evangelical Christians-Baptists, charismatic Church, Christian Evangelical Church, seventh day Adventist.

The main goal is to unite the efforts for spiritual revival of Ukraine.

“This is a consolidating factor, all Christians unite around the Biblical values. We all have challenges that we have in society, and we want to answer them with our Christian ways and to be effective in working together. Unity — the key to success,” said Board member, the authorized representative of the ECB and Chairman of the regional Committee of the Movement of the reformation Valery Belyaev.

Among the tasks set before the organization: the cooperation of different confessions, participation in issues of relations between Church and state, media assistance in covering the country’s religious life and charity.

“We, as Christian denominations should unite around the main commandment: that was our love and then to know that we are disciples of Christ. The Council is the fruit of our theological quest to serve his people, his country and first and foremost God, that we realize the commandment in his life,” said Metropolitan John is the Managing Cherkassy diocese of the ptsu.

In the near future will be formed the Councils of Christian churches in regional centers.

Over the past five years, the religious Council, which was formed under the state administration has not acted. Last time the spiritual Advisory body was formed as a result of the decision of the regional state administration. This time the initiative had come from the Church. Council of Churches, independent from any political parties, movements, other public formations and their governing Central bodies.

Olga Macanic


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