In Chernihiv discovered the ancient seven-tier Christian cemetery

Archaeologists have found in Chernihiv is a unique seven-tier ancient cemetery

During the excavations on Cape Eletskaya mountains in Chernigov archeologists found unique seven-level cemetery that dated back to the XIV-XIX centuries.

After the Mongol invasion, not earlier than the XIV century in this area have formed a Christian cemetery. This was announced by associate Professor of the Institute of history, Ethnology and law of the National University Chernihiv Collegium Alyona Chernenko, according to “Phrase”.

According to her, the cemetery functioned for many centuries, resulting in and formed seven floors. The burial is not marked on any plans of the city and not mentioned in any written sources.

The historian also suggested that, due to the fact that the cemetery has a lot of children’s graves, it was not monastic. Near the graves, archaeologists also found the cross of the XVIII century, two “dymlenie” bowls of the same time and other household items.

Previously in Syria, found an underground passage where Christians III–IV centuries in hiding from persecution.

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