This summer, the Chinese authorities reported that drug abuse covered 90% of the country. To combat namepedia residents of Yunnan province is experiencing a new method to assist those wishing to get rid of the dependence. Near the border of China and Myanmar, is a unique drug rehabilitation centre, where a combination of prayer and Bible study change the fate of drug addicts.

“We rely on the mighty power of God to change lives, says Xu Canoni, Director of the rehabilitation center “the gospel.” — We are not doctors by profession and are not experts on drug addicts. We rely only on faith and the power of prayer”.

Xu Canini participated in the Foundation of the rehabilitation center “the gospel” in 2007. To this day they take no drugs, nor any radical methods. Every day the center has a simple routine: prayer, worship, Bible study, fellowship and service to one another.

“Coming here for help need to see proof of the healing power of Christ. We must be examples so that others have experienced God’s love,” says Pai Jianhua, consultant rehabilitation center “the gospel.”

Xu says that the main thing — to create a safe place for the suffering. The results, he said, speak for themselves: “To date, 60% of drug addicts has got rid of dependencies. But those breaks down, then back to the center, and God touches them. We are grateful to Him, knowing that every success is from Him,” — says the consultant of the center “the gospel.”

Zhao Linbing is proof that prayer works. He says: “I became an addict in 1989 and remained so for twenty years. I was addicted to heroin. I tried to quit but could not. I even appealed to the state labor camp, but I never managed to “engage”. Gradually I lost all hope…”

That all changed in 2010, when the mother persuaded Zhao to try rehabilitation center “the gospel.”

“He grew very obedient child. He was a good boy, but got under the bad influence. I knew that if he was somewhere and be able to help, but only in the center, and therefore persuaded him to go there,” says the Mother Zhao.

In the center require that every addict has passed it at least a one-year program. Zhao agreed.

“At first it was very difficult. I was so irritable, constantly arguing with the staff. I refused to follow their recommendations and insulted them. I didn’t want to pray or read the Bible,” says Zhao Linbing.

But the staff did not give up. They prayed and believed that God touches Zhao, just as he has touched many others who were here before him. Zhao said that after some time, he finally received a revelation about the depth of the love of Christ and His forgiveness: “twenty years of my life, but I don’t want to go back to the old. I even visited in prison. But I know God will restore those years that were wasted. Surely God did a wonderful job in me,” says a former addict.

Now Zhao and he works as a consultant in the center. And he loves to play the drums during worship. And the miracle continues when he shares his testimony with others, talking about what happens when God touches a person’s life: “I believe that if you sincerely repent and accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then all will be forgiven and accepted into His Kingdom. Now I know that Jesus is the hope for drug addicts!”, says Zhao Linbing.

The staff of this Christian rehabilitation center is preparing to accept more patients because, according to new data the National Agency for drugs of China, currently the country has about 14 million drug addicts. And rehabilitation center “the gospel” carries out the changes by changing one life after another.

“Looking back, we see the purpose and God’s presence all around us. It is God who brought them here, says van Zhijun, consultant rehabilitation center “the gospel”, and continues: — father, we thank You for the knowledge You give us joy. You’re the meaning of our lives. We give You all the glory. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.”

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