In China, the tougher the persecution of the Christian Church

For many years the Christians in China were praying for President XI brought into the country more religious freedom. Now, however, swept the country a new wave of persecution. Christians are imprisoned and churches are destroyed.

The wreckage of concrete and some chairs is all that is left of a house Church in the province of Henan. Scenes like this are becoming commonplace under the reign of President for life of China XI Jinping.

For many years here they worshipped the God of a hundred Chinese Christians. This past January, officials with chainsaws destroyed the Church. They took the Bible and computers, and arrested several people, including a 14-year-old girl. Chinese authorities say that this Church was an illegal, unregistered and was not part of the state “Patriotic Committee professes Christianity.”

Organization “China Aid” documents the persecution and helping their victims. Bob Fu said that President XI launches a new wave of persecution of Christians.

“We see how violently destroy the Church and Christians sentenced to ten to thirteen because they organize peaceful worship at home”, says BOB FU, Dr., President of “China Aid”.

63-year-old Adventist Shu Sichuan previously headed a house Church of 30 people. They sang, prayed and worshipped God in her home. Last March, local officials have ordered the woman to close the Church.

But the persecutions only hasten the growth of the Church. Now every tenth of a Chinese Christian. Professor of political science Columbia University Andrew Nathan explains that the officials-the Communists are afraid of such rapid growth.

“I think that Chinese leaders are looking at Christian gatherings, as the dry straw, which can ignite under certain scenarios. They believe that foreign forces – the United States, the missionaries and so forth – I want to set fire to this straw,” he says.

Authorities removed the crosses from the roofs of at least 1,700 churches. Human rights activists and Christians just disappear. Some die in prison from violence and abuse, and others fled to the West. This woman was in Texas after police arrested her husband, a pastor. Authorities warned that their children can’t study in China because of their Christian faith. The woman said that the government forbade Church members to be baptized, and the police interrupted a Christmas service. Christians claim that officials in many cities are forcing people to remove the posters with Jesus and the cross and replace them with images of President XI. Fu believes that this is another attempt of the Communists to fully control the country’s population.

“I believe that this is due to the ideology of the President XI. He wants to return China to old ways of Mao. For this, he decided to take control of politics and the minds of people,” says Bob Fu.

Shu Sichuan, the former head of the home Church, said that the government should not consider Christians a threat: “We pray for the country and for the people. We hope that our country will become better, stronger and will flourish.” Despite the attacks of the government, in the next 20 years China will become the largest Christian country in the world.

MHN: Who is behind this attack? It seemed that in China everything was going well?

Gary lane, a special correspondent for “CBN-News”:

As good as possible. But the problem is that last March, the Communist party said that President XI can be President all you want, that the Chinese President is no more time limits on positions. If he wants to be President all his life – he can be. And like any Emperor, he immediately took on his rivals. The Communist party has long believed that Christians threaten its existence. After all, while Christians worship God and seek eternal life, they ask for rights and privileges not to the state but to God.

MHN: You said in your report that China is on the way to becoming the largest Christian country in the world. How is that possible, given such an attack?

Persecution good for the Church. Many years ago I was told about this deceased Samuel lamb. He has been in prison for 20 years, and he once said: “Before I was in prison for the first time, the Church had only 200 members. When I was released, there were already 900. After that, the Church confiscated the property – and the Church grew to two thousand people. Persecution good for the Church. Thanks to them, the Church is growing”.
The Chinese government thinks that if you close the doors of the Church, it’s the end. But people are scattered around the country and organize their home churches, which are beginning to grow. And by 2030, China is likely to be 240-250 million Christians. More than anything in the world.

MAN: Gary, what world can the Church do to help now?

I asked about this Chinese believers when he met them. They said, “first, we need the Bible. We can’t ask the government, because they give very little. And we bring the Bible illegal, because we need more. And – prayer”.

Will support them with prayer and possible help.

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