In Ekaterinburg will host the world premiere of the documentary film “Donetsk Vratarnitsa”


On 5 October, at 15 o’clock, at the House of cinema of the city of Yekaterinburg will take place the premiere of the film “Donetsk Vratarnitsa”, in the framework of the open documentary film festival “Russia”.

The film will be introduced by the author – Natalia Batraeva, which for incomplete four years working on the painting.


The heroine of the film – two women, one of whom is a nun, telling what he had experienced in the midst of war in an Orthodox monastery, located opposite the Donetsk airport. The film is multidimensional, and one of the purposes of it, to show the result of artificially unleashed turmoil where so eagerly immersed Ukrainian people.

Split the pieces of the cross, the rain, going to the temple and Liturgy, as if emerging from the fire… the Heroes had already passed through the crucible of war, and this gives them the right to testify.


The film is especially relevant in relation to externally imposed strikes: fratricidal war in the Donbass threatens to escalate into a religious and occupy all of Ukraine.

6 October premiere and presentation of the film in Novouralsk, a closed city of Rosatom.

Movie trailer

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