In England the doctor was denied tenure because of his Christian view of gender – that Bible of Yours

Dr. David Mackereth, which 26 years he worked in the National health service of great Britain, was denied tenure, which, he claimed, due to the fact that he didn’t use the appropriate pronouns, referring to transgender people, reported news Agency CNA.

“I’m not attacking the transgender movement, and to protect their right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion,” — said the 55-year-old etc., Mackerel, Baptist from the vicinity of Birmingham, reports the Week.

The doctor applied for the post of expert on disability, however, an obstacle to his new position was the fact that Mackereth believes that gender is determined genetically and biologically.

According to the “equality Act” 2010 anti-discrimination act, adopted in England, Wales and Scotland, gender, sexual orientation and gender redistribution among the “protected areas”. Therefore, the physician who establishes a disability a person must apply to it “in accordance with his gender identity”.

“The Bible teaches us Christians that God creates a person a male or female. I could not remain silent on this,” said Dr. Macheret about the charges against him demands. According to the doctor, his conscience did not allow him to succumb to the politics of political correctness, so his contract was terminated.

“First of all, do not allow us to say what we believe. Secondly, as my case shows, we are not allowed to think like we do. Finally, do not allow us to defend what we believe,” said the doctor. “Claiming that gender and sex are determined at birth, you can become the victim of a brutal attack” — sadly summed up David Mackereth.

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