In India due to the floods thousands of people are forced to start from scratch

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Indian state of Kerala to restore their lives after the terrible floods.

Kerala is slowly returning to life. For two weeks this state in the South of India suffered from catastrophic floods, which have not been seen here for over a hundred years.

All the 14 districts of the state were affected by flooding, which led to serious damage. Many families do not have time to save their property, because water instantly flooded their homes and offices.

445 people were killed. More than one hundred thousand buildings were destroyed. The government says that more than 11 thousand kilometers of roads were destroyed or damaged. Farmers lost millions of acres of the crop.

“The water here rose to the level of the roofs. Now that the waters are receding, people are beginning to return home from refugee camps,” says Steven Thomas, Manager of the “Operation blessings”. This Ministry CBN is already in place and helping victims. Doctors, nurses and assistants-volunteers go to the most affected areas of Kerala, to bring food, medicine, water and other necessary things.

“Here the patients and the victims mainly complain of fungal infections and diseases transmitted by water,” shares Dr. Submit Dalal, hospital Philadelphia.

More than a million people had to move because of the flood. Many of them found shelter in refugee camps throughout the southern state.

While doctors treated the sick and wounded in this medical camp, the staff of “Operation blessing” helped 300 families who made their way through the mud and water, to clean their houses and streets that were under water. They want to return home to their normal lives.

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