In India, the radicals seized a Christian Church and tore down the cross

Activists of “the religion of the saints of the forests”, near the Protestant Church in the state of Jharkhand

The crowd of pagans took the Christian Church to carry out community gatherings and animistic rituals.

The followers of the tribal Sarna faith the d’harans (“the religion of the Holy woods”) captured in India Protestant Church Vishva Vani, said “Сhristianpost”.

About 50 religious radicals attacked a Church, tore down the cross and carried out a ritual of “purification”. Now they are going to in the building of the Vishva Vani community gatherings and perform pagan rituals.

Christians, activists of the tribal faith was accused of opening churches, schools and hospitals. According to the beliefs of pagans of all this, the missionaries built exclusively for the conversion of tribes to the Christian faith.

The area in which the Protestants had built a temple, they gave the believers in Christ Hindu. However, his compatriots challenged the legality of the transaction.

The head of the Commission of the Indian bishops on indigenous peoples and tribes of Vincent Barva Indian Simdega district is confident that the attacks of the Gentiles “are fully part of the hidden policy of the party Bharatiya Janata Party to split tribal communities of Christians, Hindus and pagans on the eve of elections”. Catholic Bishop sees in the capture of the Christian Church a clear signal that the authorities stubbornly hidden and heated passion.

As reported by the SPM, the number of attacks on Christians in India has doubled.

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