In Indonesia, the earthquake killed 90 people

5 August in Indonesia on the island of Lombok earthquake, which killed 90 people. The disaster has touched also the neighbouring island of Bali. Emergency services do not exclude that the number of casualties could rise.

An earthquake of magnitude 7 have caused the destruction of buildings and power outages, it could be felt in nearby Bali. Accurate information about the identity of the victims. Dozens of people were injured, mainly in the North of the island, BBC reported.

A week ago as a result of the earthquake on the island killed at least 16 people. Lombok is very popular among tourists due to the good beaches and Hiking trails. The USGS reported that the epicenter of the last earthquake was near the Northern coast of the island at a depth of 10 km..

The earthquake was felt a few seconds and Bali, where people ran out of buildings. Patients in a hospital in Bali has been evacuated from the building, the doctors continued to treat them on the street.

“All the hotel guests rushed outside, I followed their example. People just filled the streets,” told to Reuters an Australian tourist in Bali, Michelle Lindsay.


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