In Iran sentenced 12 Christians for holding worship services at home

In Iran a court sentenced 12 Christians to prison for worship at home and the preaching of the gospel. Under Iranian law it is a criminal offence. Therefore, Christians felt for those who undermine the existing regime in the country.

Iranian Christian Shares Haraman, Shapur Chose, Parastu Tariffs and 9 of their co-religionists, was arrested in the city of Bushehr in April 2015 and was detained. The court found them guilty in the so-called “Zionist propaganda” to undermine the existing regime in the country, reports The Christian Post.

Haraman in an interview with the news service, says that local police arrested his co-religionists on charges of illegal prayer meetings at home, preaching and attracting citizens to participate in the meetings for the knowledge of the truth of Christ and Jesus as their Savior. Among others arrested were charged with “the solution here of the faithful in Christian lands”. The sentence was handed down by a court in Bushehr, chaired by judge Abbas Asgari.

According to Mansour Borji, Director of the human rights organization Article 18, arrests and prosecutions of Christians are “an example of the inquisitorial policy of the regime and gross violations of the fundamental rights to freedom of religion and personal beliefs”.

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