In Israel, came to pass the third biblical prophecy about the end of the world.

The Rangers called professional zmeelova who caught the reptile

Israel has published a video in which the Wailing Wall the snake is crawling and trying to catch a pigeon. The incident is considered the third sign of the approaching Apocalypse.

A snake crawled out of the stones at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, frightened of a dove sitting on the wall. Israeli bloggers have considered it a harbinger of the end of the world, writes, “The Sun”.

In October, in the Dead sea, where life still was considered impossible because of the high salt content in the water was discovered fish. They were taken by Israeli photographer Noam Bedein. According to the prediction the old Testament prophet Ezekiel, before the coming of the Messiah the Dead sea is alive and there will be abundance of be fish.

As reported by the SPM, in September it became known that for the first time in two thousand years, Israel was born “the cow of the Apocalypse”, a sacred red heifer, heralding the end. It is believed that the ashes of the red heifer will be used for ritual purification “in the end times”.


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