In Katugino consecrated a new Church of the UOC is captured by the dissenters

Metropolitan of Ternopil and Kremenets Sergius at the consecration of the temple in S. Kotiuzhyny

September 16, Metropolitan of Ternopil and Kremenets Sergius consecrated the throne in the new meetinghouse of the Church in the village Kotiuzhyny Zbarazh district.

The temple, built on a private property in the framework of the program of the charity Fund “favor”, named in honour of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

The dedication of the new Church was finally closed inter-religious conflict, which lasted in Katugino since the beginning of last year. We will remind, on February 11, 2017, with the support of came to the village representatives “Right sector of Ternopil region”, representatives of the Kiev Patriarchate captured the local temple, religious community in honor of St. Stephen Protomartyr Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Community of the UOC passed into remaining in her possession of the Church building, but let her serve she is not given: the building was twice attacked, looted and damaged door locks. In the end, the house was also taken over by the Kyiv Patriarchate, and the founding documents of the legal person – of the parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was reregistered in favor of the raiders of the UOC-KP.

“Now in our Church and in the Church captured about the same number of people, although the survey said that “supporters of the Kiev Patriarchate” two times more”, – says the priest of the UOC Archpriest Alexander Kentucky.

Immediately after the capture of the temple in the village began to talk about what will have to be built again; for this, one of the parishioners donated a private area. Further, the community has applied for assistance and in less than a year, with a substantial support of the Kyiv metropolis of the UOC and BF “favor”, has built a new prayer room, not waiting for the end of litigation over their status.

As reported by PWC, informed the Charity Fund “favor”, which operates with the blessing of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry and the Holy Synod of the UOC, has a new project – the construction of the temple in Katugino Ternopil region.

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