In Kenya, a Catholic priest suspended from Ministry for the use of rap music in working with parishioners – Your Bible

A Catholic priest in Kenya was removed from office “for misconduct” after it emerged that Paul Ogalo used rap music to attract young people to Church and propaganda against drugs and in favor of social justice issues, the newspaper reports British Catholics Catholic Herald.

After the Mass, father Ogalo changed his vestments on a white shirt, black shorts and a red bandana, and then pursued a rap meeting, which sang and danced to the music. reports Week.

“We have to care about the interests of young people in our churches,” said Kenyan priest to justify his actions. “We need to change how we do it”, — he said.

Church youth leader violet Menia said that not only many young people come to Church because of rap music, they continue to return to the temple again and again. “We are happy that his preaching style has attracted many young people to the Church. He advised a lot of young people away from drug abuse and to engage in agricultural work and other activities,” said Menia.

In turn, Benard Okech, 28-year-old parishioner, said that he would stop attending Church because of the sanctions imposed on the priest. “Father Paul was our mentor. He’s using youth language understanding, said Okech, he saved thousands of young people from drug abuse”.

However, the bishops of the diocese rejected the practice of Paul Ogalo, stating that it contradicts Church doctrine.

Priest Charles Social, judicial vicar of the Tribunal mediasales Kisumu, said Paul Ogalo suspended from priestly Ministry for a period of one year to “rethink their ways”. According to Kociela, Ogalo arrives in an unacceptable manner, blending the sacred and the everyday, sacred and secular, which ultimately may lead to the loss of orientation in spiritual matters.

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