In Kharkov found underground unique skit will protect the police

Vandals graffitied the wall of the underground monastery

Found by archaeologists near Kharkov underground monastery of the time of Catherine II in need of enhanced protection.

Unique underground temple in the village of kov’yahy the Kharkiv region will be heavily guarded by the police, reports “governmental courier”.

On the need for additional protection has asked representatives from the Department of culture and tourism of Kharkiv regional state administration.

Now near the entrance to the underground caves of the monastery will be on duty a police squad.

“We agreed on the priority measures to save this monument and took the decision to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement bodies, – have informed in management of culture and tourism of Kharkiv regional state administration, adding that the visit of the monastery plan to start after the restoration.

On the ancient underground monastery of the monks of the Kharkov researchers found out by accident. During the expedition in valkivs’kyi district, locals told the archeologists about local attractions.

Direct analogues of the monastery, Dating from the late XVIII – early XIX centuries on the territory of Ukraine. In contrast to other similar structures in Kharkiv, the monastery was inside the clay hill that brought many reliefs to remain.

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