In Kherson honored the memory of the monk Barsonophios

Akathist at the relics of the monk Barsonophios Kherson

November 16 at the Holy spirit Cathedral in Kherson has honored the memory of the monk Barsonophios Kherson.

On this day the Metropolitan of Kherson and Tauride John made an akathist at the relics of the ascetic piety of the Kherson region of the monk Barsonophios Kherson, which rest in St. Michael’s chapel, and a prayer. About it reports a press-service of the diocese.

After the prayer service, the singing of Kant the monk Barsonophios, all present venerated the relics of the Saint of God, and the Lord anointed them with Holy oil.

Archimandrite Barsanuphius (in the world Vasily Grigoryevich Yurchenko) was born 15 Aug 1880 in the village of Lozuvatka, Elisavetgrad district, Kherson province (now Kirovohrad region), in a pious family. His parents, father Gregory and mother Tatiana, have been believing Orthodox people.

In 1915 he entered the Kherson Pastoral-Missionary Seminary. Being a graduate of the first class, March 24, 1916 (S. St.) took monastic vows with the name Barsanuphius in honor of St. Barsanuphius, Bishop of Tver (memory 4/17 October). Upon completion of the course was left at the Seminary of the Holy monastery grigorievsky Bizyukov.

In 1920 the monastery was subjected to the common fate of looting and repression, and the monastery was closed. Barsanuphius father was arrested. After some time he was released and received the appointment of parish priest in the village of High Gully near Elisavetgrad (Kirovograd), where his sincere and zealous in the service soon gained universal respect, both the faithful and the clergy.

In 1923, the diocesan Hierarch, Bishop Onuphrius (Gagalyuk), he was appointed to the city of Alexandria as a missionary in the struggle with Renovationism in all of the Alexandria district.

In 1926 FR Barsanuphius receives the order appointing him rector in the city of Pervomaisk of the Odessa diocese, where there was not a single correct Orthodoxy of the Church.

November 9, 1951, the ruling Bishop appointed him as rector of Trinity Church in the village of Old zbur’ivka, Hola Prystan district, Kherson region.

25 June 1954, Archimandrite Barsanuphius was appointed to the priestly place in the Catherine Cathedral of Kherson, the last temple in his life.

In the last days of his life, FR Barsanuphius was very ill. He knew that soon the Lord will call him to Himself, and began to prepare for death. After confession and the Holy communion, the monk Barsonophios peacefully departed to the Lord on October 17, 1954, the day of his Heavenly patron.

28 Mar 2007 there was discovered the relics of the monk Barsonophios, which now lie at the Holy spirit Cathedral city of Kherson.

The decision of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of April 18, 2008 the monk Barsonophios was canonized prepodobnomuchenitsa.

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