In Kiev, discussed the threat to Christianity and freedom of conscience in Ukraine

The conference “Christian values in the modern world: common challenges”, Kyiv, November 20, 2018.

Participants of the conference “Christian values in contemporary world: common challenges” discussed the challenges now faced by Christians in Europe and Ukraine.

The conference, which was held in Kiev on 20 November, was organized on the initiative of the people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin and his political force, “Christian Socialists”. The event was attended by representatives of conservative political parties in Germany, Britain and Poland, politicians, opinion leaders and the clergy of the Christian denominations, according to “Perche Kozatskiy”.

The conference participants paid great attention to the discussion of the Ukrainian question, referring to the attempts of the authorities to rough copy European liberal practices such as gay pride parades, as well as the threat to Christianity and freedom of conscience in the country.

“We are witnessing a real persecution of the Church – said the Kiev writer and journalist Ian Taxor. In the course of this year the President, the speaker of the Parliament, the deputies are turning to the Patriarch of Constantinople with a request to create a new Church. But we have our own Church that for 1,000 years there. According to the Constitution state and Church are separated and cannot interfere in the Affairs of each other. The media mostly spread lies about the Church, unsubstantiated, constantly. And no one is punished. And millions believe in this lie.”

Dmitry Dzhangirov, political consultant drew the attention of European officials that Western liberals defending Ukraine’s interests and rights only of the LGBT community, defending the gay parade, while not noticing the clear violation of the common law of Ukrainians in the Assembly, practically usurped the government and right-wing radicals.

“We know a lot of facts, hundreds of facts, when they dispersed rallies the people against the government, or, say, against the changes of street names. We do not hear from your left-wing liberals no condemnation. Liberals defend the rights of only certain minorities”, – said the political expert.

Thus, according to one of the European guests of the conference, in Europe the situation with traditional Christian values is far worse than in Ukraine.

Member of the European Parliament from Germany Arne gericke touched on the topic of migrants, stressing that in his homeland their huge influx justified by the decrease in the population and nowaday workers, despite the fact that in Germany every year made 100 thousand abortions over the past 30 years.

As noted by the participants of the international conference, in spite of all the differences between the situations in the countries of the European Union and Ukraine, which has set itself the goal of becoming a member of the EU, the global challenges facing the Christian tradition and the Christian countries of the continent, is deeply shared.

“When I received the invitation to the European Parliament to speak at the conference, I aimed to tell about what is happening with the attacks on our Church, – said the leader of “Christian Socialists” Mikhail Dobkin. But in Brussels I heard other things that Christians in traditionally Christian countries persecuted that one person in the European Parliament is not confirmed to the post due to the fact that he refused to remove the cross: considered that it is not tolerant towards others. I’d like to hear it here. We have similar values: we don’t like what is happening in the modern world. And want to change it for the better. If everyone will try to do – the world will change”.

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