In Kiev will arrive icon, famous thanks to Peter Kalnyshevsky

A copy of the icon in Samara Desert Nicholas monastery in Novomoskovsk

The miraculous icon of the Mother of God, called “Samara”, is famous for signs and wonders in Zaporizhzhya Sich in 1736.

On 13 November, the day of commemoration of the Holy righteous Peter Kalnyshevsky the image of the virgin, celebrated by his efforts, will be delivered in intercession, the bishops ‘ Council of Zaporozhye. About it reports a press-service of the Zaporozhye diocese.

Solemn meeting of the Shrine will be held at 9: 00.

After it will be committed the festive divine Liturgy on the occasion of the third anniversary of the canonization of the Holy righteous Peter Kalnyshevsky.

The service will be headed by Metropolitan of Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd Irenaeus, which will be the Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka, the Metropolitan of Izyum and Kupyansk Elisha and the Archbishop of Berdyansk and the Primorsky Ephraim.

In the diocese invite everyone to worship the miraculous image of the virgin and to pray to St. Peter to Paul.

Ataman Peter Kalnyshevsky has played a crucial role in the phenomenon of the miraculous “Novoaidarskii” (“Samara”) icon of the Theotokos (commemorating the decision of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from 12 March 1998 takes place on 13 November, new style).

Information about Zaporizhia Grieving the Miraculous icon of the Mother of God published in Ekaterinoslav Diocesan Gazette dated 15 September 1872 and were collected right Reverend Theodosius (Makarevsky), Bishop of Ekaterinoslav and Taganrog (1871-1885). According to this information, Samara icon of the Mother of God in the Zaporozhye Sech renowned for signs and wonders in 1736.

To date unknown when and by whom it was written, but it is similar to Akhtyrskaya icon of the Mother of God.

In 1770 in Zaporizhzhya Sich, the miraculous icon was transferred to the settlement of New Kaydaki Kodachi Palanca Troops Zaporizhzhya and placed in St. Nicholas Church, and then became known as Novoaidarskii, as evidenced by the report of the rector father Fedor Fomich Kosh ataman Peter Kalnyshevsky.

The fame of the miracle-working icon spread not only in Kiev but throughout Ukraine. In 1770, the rector of the Church novoaidarskii Fedor Fomich submitted an official statement about the miraculous icon.

Peter Kalnyshevsky instructed to collect information about the miraculous icon of Starokozache Zaporozhye spiritual Board, headed by Archpriest Gregory Prokhorenko. The first description of the miraculous icon, her stories, signs and wonders. By order Kalnyshevsky this image was moved from the altar and mounted in a specially made case in the middle of the Church, which was an open admission the miraculous icon.

30 Dec 1772 for the miraculous icon were made of silver with gold frame, made with the money of Peter Kalnyshevsky, it was decorated with pearls and sapphires, is why the people have also acquired the name “icon Kalnyshevsky”. The same year the whole of Cossack officers regularly on Candlemas were going to the temple, making a solemn moleben before the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God.

Accurate copies of the icon are now in the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the city of the Dnieper and Samara Desert Nicholas monastery in Novomoskovsk, in the main Church of the monastery.

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