In Kirov was opened the monument to the Royal family


The monument to the Holy Royal family opened on the territory of the St. Seraphim Cathedral, Kirov on Sunday, July 15, according to Фома.Ru.

Dedicated the monument, an initiative by the inhabitants of the city (sculptor I. V. Makarova), Metropolitan of Vyatka and Slobodskoy mark.

According to Bishop Mark, in July 1918, the Royal martyrs “with honor and dignity,” died at the hands of their killers.

— No one convicted, accept with humility that death, demonstrating an example of godliness and purity, honor and dignity, sharing the fate of his people and subjects in the hardest time of the bloody bacchanalia, which staged to undermine the government of crazed revolutionaries, — said the head of the Vyatka diocese.


Metropolitan reminded that the Holy Royal family stayed in Vyatka on his way of the cross, but because the erection of this monument in the city is absolutely not accidental.

Photo: Vyatsko-diocese.Russia

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