In Kokshetau passed the Shrine associated with the elder Gabriel (Organize)

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael of Kokshetau (Kazakhstan)

On the eve of November 2, the commemoration day of St. Gabriel Santariusova (Organize), the Cathedral of Archangel Michael of Kokshetau (the Kokshetau and Akmola diocese of the Republic of Kazakhstan) novice Zviad Lauria was donated to the great shrines of Georgia.

In the Michael-Archangel Church of the profit of the particles of the cross of St. Gabriel (Organize). Previously, cross was at the dome of the Church, which the old man built in his yard, and that three times was restored after the destruction of the godless authorities. Also the temple was donated by a particle of the Holy shroud Holy myrrh from the myrrh-streaming icon of the elder, staying in Georgia, as well as the icon with a particle of his coffin.

The image of Gabriel with Santariusova nested in relics

Also a month and a half ago, the Bishop of Kokshetau and Akmola to Serapion philanthropist, who wished to remain anonymous, was given the image of St. Gabriel, written specially for the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael of Kokshetau painter Novel by Ilushkin.

Second icon of St. Gabriel (Organize).

This is the second way of the monk, who will now be in Kokshetau. The first image of Gabriel with Santariusova nested in the relics of the Confessor was transferred to the temple of Kokshetau in may 2017.

Painter Roman Ilushkin

The appearance of the Archangel Michael Church is the only in Kazakhstan the icons of father Gabriel (Organize) with a particle of his relics was preceded by a meeting with his Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos – Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II, the parishioners of our parish Faith Giorgadze, the Orthodox poet, member of Russian Union of writers. This was followed by an appeal to the spiritual son of the Reverend Gabriel, St. David Gareji Lavra Archimandrite Kirion (Oniani), who wrote the life of man, with the request to transfer the Church of the Archangel Michael, the blessed particle of the relics of father Gabriel. Archimandrite Kirion was sympathetic to this request and kindly agreed to help.

Painter Guram Mghebrishvili

For writing the image of the Confessor Gabriel Santariusova it was decided to appeal to the well-known iconographer Guram mghebrishvili. Within six months there was continuous work on the icon of elder Gabriel. After writing the image of the blessed particle of the relics passed to the painter Mr. mghebrishvili in the city of Rustavi, was enclosed in a capsule and placed in the icon. The image of St. Gabriel arrived in Kokshetau may 14, 2017, in celebration of the icon of Mother of God “unexpected Joy”.

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