In Kondopoga discussed what to do with the surviving fragment of the assumption Church


The options of preservation fragment burnt in Kondopoga calculate the Dormition Church officials and experts said Wednesday the Chairman of the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage of the Republic of Karelia, Yulia alipova.

“We have just returned from the facility, discussed the issues with experts-restorers, head of the district, the Museum’s Director, a parish priest, and representatives of the Agency. Identified the sequence of steps to work on the debris after the fire, looking at a few options of locations to store the remaining constructions that will be useful for study and possible recovery,” — said alipova “the parliamentary newspaper”.

Now the issue of whether to keep a small remaining fragment of the temple on the site, to strengthen it and to protect structures, or to mark logs, and export to storage indoors. “Friday will be exactly known which version we follow. This will depend much, then speak on the timing, when we’ll join the volunteers and restorers,” — said the official.

According to her, residents of Kondopoga pray that soon resolved the issue with the reconstruction of the temple. “The understandable desire because of Kondopoga it’s like to lose someone. But so quickly is not solved, you need to calculate everything,” concluded Yulia alipova.

The Church of the Dormition in Kondopoga burned almost to the ground on August 10. A unique monument of wooden architecture of Zaonezhye in 1774, he was an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. The cause of the fire is called arson, the only defendant in a criminal case — 15-year-old student from Petrozavodsk, who stayed with my grandmother. The teenager is in a detention center for juvenile offenders.

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