In Kondopoga, work is continuing on conservation of the Church of the Dormition


In Kondopoga work continues on the preservation of the remains of the temple of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, the correspondent of TV channel “Culture” Oleg Gornovskiy. A unique monument of wooden architecture of Zaonezhye almost completely burned down this summer.

On the roof banging hammers, and the lower layer are already taking jobs. Wooden shelter that finish around the chancel of the assumption Church will allow the restorers to work in any weather and carefully examined what was left from the monument of the XVIII century.

“Specially made a shield design for what would specialists-restorers had to go on these podmostjami, directly and without the scaffolding that these elements of the temple to explore,” said Yulia alipova, head of Department on protection of objects of cultural heritage of Karelia.

That the Church must want to recover, spoke immediately after the fire. It happened on August 10 when a teenager doused the wall of the ancient Church with gasoline. The temple was not in a matter of minutes. Throughout the autumn these blockages dismantled the volunteers – students of architectural universities. Left even the most damaged logs, hoping to find a use for them.

“Part of the logs, now there is a idea that could re-used, but not in the body of a log house, and, for example, preserved the sound part could be the material for the iconostasis of the future. Agree this idea has some merit,” says restorer of the highest category Vitaly Skopin.

What is left after a fire, is now taken to the warehouse. It provided one of the local businesses. A charitable Foundation is collecting donations. By these means conservation of the object. Government of Karelia has prepared an application for funding through the state program “Development of culture and tourism”. There is a lot of complex work: project preparation and the restoration. Masters will be brought back to life one of the most beautiful churches of the Russian North. In order to restore the assumption Church will need more than a hundred million rubles. But money isn’t everything. Need high-class specialists and time. According to the most optimistic estimates, the restoration of the temple will take a decade.

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