In Kovpyta village supporters of the DNC are unable to gather people for his service

The parishioners of Holy protection Church in the village of Kovpyta

In Kovpyta village activists of the PCU was not able to collect local residents to serve in the temple, although her conduct was announced yesterday. For service no one came, even the “priest” of the DNC.

As it became known to the SPM, the service was conducted by Archpriest Theodore Mandziuk, a cleric of the UOC of the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the parishioners of Holy protection Church in the village of Kovpyta Chernihiv district.

Present at the Liturgy was about 30 people who make up the Church community of the UOC.

This is completely contrary to the stories of supporters of the DNC that the vast majority of people in favor of “transition” to the new Church. The service was attended by Orthodox believers actively attending the temple in which the priests of the UOC regularly perform worship.

Recall, January 26, 2019, with the assistance of the regional administration and the right-wing radicals “C14”, the police conducted a “community meeting”. Of those present on it 72 people, about 20 were newcomers, which the locals had never seen. According to the organizers, 65 people allegedly voted for the transition to the PCU, and 7 against.

According to elders of the community Nina Stepanovna, the supporters of the DNC, said: the opinion of those 7 people “have nothing to even be considered.”

As it turned out, the signatures were collected fraudulently, people were offered just to sign the presence at the meeting. When those who collected signatures and asked for that sign, they just left.

As reported by the SPM, despite the earlier decision of the community to remain in the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the radicals, with the assistance of officials organized a meeting Kovpyta village and voted for the transition to the PCU.

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