In Kremenchug activists suggested that instead of a Cathedral of the UOC-KP to establish a Museum

The Museum under the open sky in Odessa

According to residents of Kremenchuk, a monument should be turned into a Museum under the open sky.

In Kremenchug opponents of the construction of the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the UOC-KP in Victory square urged local authorities to keep the Foundation of the Cathedral, which was destroyed in 1943, according to “”.

The deputies of Kremenchuk city Council will hold August 9. the session, which will decide whether to grant or not the land to the religious community of the UOC-KP for the construction of the Holy Dormition Cathedral in its historic location. To do this, the supporters of the Kiev “Patriarchy” asked 972 sq. m. of urban land.

Activists who oppose the development of the Victory square, found that the destruction of the Church occupied much more space than is now asking the religious community to restore it. In the former building of the Cathedral are already other objects, therefore, according to opponents of building, the restoration project of the monument, represented the UOC-KP did not comply with the building, which was destroyed in 1943. New construction would make it impossible to restore the original Cathedral in its original form.

Instead of the Cathedral, the activists proposed to establish a Museum under the open sky. It is necessary to dig out the original Foundation and cover it with a glass sarcophagus, as is done in other cities of Ukraine and around the world.

The project the residents of Kremenchug presented in the statement sent to the mayor of Kremenchug Vitaly Maletsky. In addition, they plan to speak to the deputies of the Kremenchug city Council during a session on 9 August. It is reported that protests the activists are not planning to pursue.

Earlier, the residents of Kremenchug held a rally against the construction of the temple of the UOC-KP in Victory square. Supporters of the Kievan “Patriarchate” has repeatedly offered to find another place.

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