In Latvia, on the sacred source in Opole build an Orthodox chapel

A prayer service and the laying of the Foundation stone of the new chapel made by the Dean of Rezekne district Archpriest Victor Teplov

In the Latvian countryside Opole on healing the source held a prayer service and the laying of the first stone in the Foundation of an Orthodox chapel in honor of the Nativity of the virgin.

In prayer the prayer was attended by local residents, visitors from Zilupe, Rezekne, Ludza and Rezekne other parishes of the deanery, reports the website of the Latvian Orthodox Church.

Healing spring according to legend was discovered by one of the local deeply religious and revere the mother of God the farmer Kazakov, who was born blind and with family constantly prayed to God and the blessed mother to grant him a miracle – to see the beauty of God’s World. One time he dreamed the blessed virgin, saying that he went to the fountain and washed his eyes with the healing water. A miracle happened – the farmer saw the light.

At this place in 1937 a chapel was built, but in the 60-ies of the then President of the farm pulled by the tractor the chapel in the swamp. God is not mocked – for a short time the President, along with a tractor that produced this atrocity seriously ill and died.

The idea is to restore the chapel at the source were supported by many Orthodox of Latvia. Now they are collecting funds for its construction.

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