In Lviv, near the three Ukrainian Orthodox churches have appeared provocative inscriptions

A provocative inscription: “Moscow Patriarchate = FSB branch” on the temple wall in Lviv

About three Ukrainian Orthodox churches in Lviv unknown struck paint a provocative inscription: “Moscow Patriarchate, a branch of the FSB.”

The inscription put on the wall and on the pavement near the temples the streets Antonovich, Korolenko and the prospect of the red Viburnum, reports “Capital”.

Lviv city organization of the OUN, commenting on the incident, wrote: “Unknown patriots probably tried to convey to the Lviv citizens, who do not know that in Lviv there are three branch of FSB of the Russian Federation under the guise of Christian churches.”

The head of the press service of the Lviv diocese, Archimandrite Marcian (Kayumov) called those who left inscriptions provocateurs.

“I only knew about the case at the red Rose, so you made a discovery for me. But our position, and including mine will be the same as after the last case on wall of Church cards – we believe that this did not patriots, and provocateurs,” he said.

As reported by SPM earlier in Lviv, unknown pasted the walls of the temple of the Holy Prince Vladimir leaflets with a picture of Stalin. The inscription on the leaflets read: “Stalin’s Patriarchate present the canonical name of the Moscow Orthodox Church.”

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