In Mauritania, for “blasphemy” will bring the death penalty

The missionary group that exposes the persecution of Christians, warned that the new changes in the Moorish law of apostasy means that the death penalty will now be the inevitable punishment for all people, identified as “blasphemed” against Islam, even if they repent
Todd Nettleton from “the voice of the martyrs” (VOM) told Mission Network News on Thursday, the seventh of June that Christians in Mauritania is a growing concern about changes in the law made by the National Assembly of Mauritania 27 APR


According to these amendments, depriving people of the three-day period in which they can repent of blasphemy before they are punished.

“This new law is more strict – canceled three days for repentance. Everyone will be punished. Even if you repent, you will still be punished. And in the case of the blasphemous remarks or sacrilegious actions, according to the law, the death penalty is now mandatory, said Nettleton. Another thing that struck me as very exciting. Explaining this change in the law, the defense Minister said that “what we had before, in fact, contradicted official Sharia code, Sharia the official law. We want to be as close as possible to the real Sharia law, so we needed to resolve this discrepancy between them.”

Although so far there were no reports of making Christians of the death penalty for blasphemy in the predominantly Muslim country, the group warned that the fear of imminent death penalty might create additional obstacles for those who are thinking about following Jesus.

“The government is striving to win favor with other Muslim countries, setting an example of how to act Islamic government”, — said the Deputy regional Director VOM in Africa, which has not been named.

The Christian minority in Mauritania years persecuted. The Commission for religious freedom of the world Evangelical Alliance warned in the past that “the gospel of salvation there brutally suppressed”.

Open Doors USA put Mauritania on 47 on its list of Nations where Christians face the greatest oppression for their faith

Non-profit organization, which estimates that there are about 10,000 followers of Christ, warns that the Central government considers itself the “defender of Islam”.

“Because of this, the state became the primary source of Christian persecution. Meanwhile, radical Islamic preachers make a great contribution to the radicalization of society, inciting antagonism and hatred towards non-Muslims,” — said in a statement human rights groups.

“Radical Islamic militants are also present and active in the country. The caste system privilegium certain groups and marginalisiert black Mauritanians and all who hold a different worldview than Islam, including Christians,” — noted in the organization.


Believers are also at risk of radical terrorist attacks by groups such as al-Qaeda in the Maghreb


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